Some of the fantastic dessert options in London


If you have a sweet tooth, then you’ll be glad to know that London is brimming to the edge with amazing dessert venues that crave the most ravenous of appetites. From ice cream parlours, to pancake shops, to French bakeries – you’ll be spoilt for choice when you arrive in the charming city of London. International is the word that best sums up London, and in this international scene, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the most ravishing offerings found across the world.

That means you can enjoy an Italian gelato, indulge in a Dulce de leche cheesecake, or Belgian waffle drizzled with honey and cream. Whatever takes your fancy, you’ll be able to enjoy the kind of moreish food that leaves you feeling so satisfied and delighted, that you’ll want to back for more shortly.

Bubble Tea in Shoreditch

By staying at the Montcalm Hotels, some of which are among the hotels in Shoreditch, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the more distinctive dessert experiences, all within reach by a thirty-minute journey at most. Why not try the matcha green bubble tea at Boba jam in China town, which provides visitors with a Taiwanese concoction based on a combination of milk based tea laced with specs of tapioca pearls, sucked through a wide straw. They might not have broken the mainstream yet, but they’re available.

Blood Orange Granite at Gelupo

The blood orange granite at Gelupo provides visitors with a deeply intensifying ice experience of orange. It tastes just like you imagine but is even more refreshing than you expect. This is a dark, rich, intense ice experience that’s made only using fresh fruit and cane sugar. If you want to lay off the fat and still whet your appetite, Gelupo’s in Soho might just be your saving grace.

The Friands at Latana provide melt in the mouth friands – most limited almond cakes which are dotted with blueberries or raspberries. Invented by the French, they’ve become the archetypical antipodean baked good. For a Scandinavian alternative, try out the cinnamon buns at Nordic Bakery – which is crusty on the outside and iced with swirls of pungent cinnamon cardamom sugar on the inside.