Some of the secret sites in London


In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at the secret sites in London. While they’re not an outright secret, they do differentiate themselves from the main areas of London. In one sense, they are underrated, and as a result not many have heard of them – or even had the idea of visiting some of them. As a result, many visitors leave London having only known the main sites and attractions. And while those experiences do provide tremendous value to visitors, their experience of the city would have been much better had they had a little more curiosity.

And so, the purpose of this post is to pique your curiosity. That way, when you do visit the city, you’ll have a state of mind that’s more open to different possibilities.

The Savoy’s driveway

As you may know, the UK is the only country in Europe where cars are driven forward on the left hand lane. The Savoy’s driveway is the only road in the city where drivers drive on the right hand lane (the same as the rest of Europe). Drivers are also required to go anticlockwise around the roundabout.

The Brixton and Wimbledon Windmills

You might know that there are very few windmills in London. In typical city fashion, these sources of renewable energy are hardly anywhere to be found. As a result, most suspect that there aren’t any at all. However, there are actually six windmills in the city. The Brixton windmill and the Wimbledon windmills are perhaps the easiest ones to get to if your accommodation is in central London. The others can be found in: Barnet, Plumstead Common, Croydon, and Wandsworth Common. The Wimbledon museum also features a museum – perfect for a day out with family.

The Mandela way T-34 Tank

In a scrubland between Mandela way and Pages walk, visitors can find the Mandela Way T-34 Tank. It was used during the filming of the 1995 drama Richard III, before it was promptly sold to a Londoner who installed right here. It stay in its place ever since.

The Fake Kenwood House Bridge

This delight gives visitors the illusion that there’s a bridge right in front of them. Rather, it’s merely a cleverly decorated timber façade that only has the outer rim of a supposed bridge. If you’re staying at the Montcalm London Marble Arch and decide to enjoy a Family Package Londonall these areas will be easily accessible. Book your stay in London this season, and discover the secrets sights and attractions.