Spas Everywhere But Which One is Right for You?


Many people love to take themselves away to a spa, whether it is for a day or for a short break. Spas allow you to take a rest from the world, from every day trials and tribulations and to get back in touch with your inner self, as well as relax and calm every inch of your body. There are many different spas to choose ranging  from hot stone message & Lomi Lomi message, so this guide aims to help you to choose the right spa for you and your personal needs; whether you are looking for a few hours away, a week away, a massage in London, time to yourself or quality time with your girlfriends, there is something for everyone.

Here is a list of spas with a brief overview on what is on offer:-

Day Spa: As the name suggests, this spa is a place to go if you have a few hours or a day spare. It offers a range of spa treatments and some even offer hair salon services.

Destination Spa: This spa is aimed at improving your health and wellbeing through a range of spa treatments. There are day packages, overnight packages and week long packages on offer and host a whole range of tasty healthy food, therapeutic treatments and exercise classes.

Resort Spa: Situated on in a resort or even a hotel, this type of spa offers things for the whole family including children activities, golf, spa treatments and even provides less healthy cuisine such as burgers as an option.

Mineral Springs Spa: This type of spa relies on all natural treatments, using thermal, mineral and seawater in their hydrotherapy treatments.

Medical Spa: This spa is relatively new to the uk and offers treatments that need to be overseen by medical professionals such as botox and laser treatments. it also offers the usual spa treatments too.

Day Spa :

As stated in the name, a day spa is a place where you go for a few hours to get specific treatments and to unwind for a few hours. They offer all of the usual treatments, such as mud wraps, massages, body scrubs etc and they come in all shapes and sizes; some just offer treatments while others have monsoon showers, hydrotherapy pools and heated loungers. Day spas should be quiet and peaceful and have robes and slippers for you to go from one room to another in comfort as well having qualified therapists and spa products.

Destination Spa

This type of spa has one thing in mind: to help you to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This spa offers exercise classes, healthy food with nutritional information, stress management classes and the usual spa treatments. There are options to spend a day at these types of spas or you can stay for up to a week to really get the full benefit of the experience. The best thing about destination spas are the people as everyone there is like-minded and wants to be there to improve their lifestyle; this means that you get a great amount of support throughout your stay.

Spa Resorts

This type of spa offers solo activities or activities for the whole family. As well as the usual spa treatments for you to be perfectly pampered, they tend to offer golf, tennis, children’s activities, swimming and some of the larger resorts may even offer horse back riding. Resort spas offer overnight stay packages, like a luxury spa hotel in London, as well as an extensive list of treatments which are usually all paid separately rather than included in a package; food is also paid separately and the choices range from healthy salads to slight less healthy burgers.

Mineral Springs Spa

One of the most famous mineral springs spa’s in the UK is the Thermae spa in Bath. It uses natural thermal waters as the Romans and the Celts did over 2,000 years ago and they are known to ease aches, pains and to relieve tension all over the body. There are over 40 trace elements and minerals, such as calcium and sulphate, in the thermal water which is heated to body temperature for a truly relaxing experience when you submerge yourself in. There are several pools to choose from, which all contain these invigorating waters, and there is also a choice of aroma rooms where you can choose from many different scents to suit your needs. The waterfall sensation shower has a variety of settings to choose from, whether you need to feel a rainfall on your skin or be surrounded by a light mist, this shower can cater. There are a variety of packages to choose from such as a twilight package, a mid week spa package, a togetherness package which includes treatments for both you and your partner or friend, and a harmony packages which is guaranteed to leave you feeling calm and relaxed inside and out. This type of spa has proven to be popular since it all began in the Roman era and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, although during the from the 18th up until the 19th century, the mineral waters were drank not bathed in to give a boost to the body as well as being used as treatments for ailments. Thankfully, science has found that bathing in these waters also does wonders for the body so don’t worry, you don’t have to drink them.

Medical Spa

This type of spa is for those with a specific medical need as well as a need to truly relax their body and mind. They can offer botox, hypnotherapy, colonic irrigation, acupuncture and osteopathy amongst the usual spa treatments. They can combine treatments such as physiotherapy and a facial for you to feel the benefits inside and out.