Spend A Real Night at The Museum


London is well known for its buzzing nightlife, rivalling New York as a city that never sleeps. One of the great things about staying at hotels like The Montcalm London Marble Arch is how close you are to the city centre. Surprisingly enough, this trait also extends to the absorbing world of museums. Many of the museums in London run into the evenings and have special night time events for various different parties, kids and adults alike. Whether you’re looking to science during your starry night, or a history soaked bedtime story, London’s many museums can deliver. With many of the museums being open after working day hours, 9 to 5ers can be sure to catch the best new exhibitions. Below you can find a few of the museums and galleries in London which offer late night viewings and events.

National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Galleries culture soaked walls don’t stop with historically important figures preserved in time, but stretches to classes, DJ sets and question and answer sessions, all as part of the innovative Late Shift sessions. Here guests can take part in late night life drawing classes and bogey the night away to DJ’s. Just what you need after a contemplative day of art studying. DJ’s include the fun filled Neil Prince, who uses his music as a response to the portraits on display.

The Science Museum

The science museum sheds the hustle and bustle of the busy days it holds in South Kensington and has several opportunities for guests to experience the museum after hours. Night Owls allows prebooked kids who are on the autism spectrum to enjoy the museum without the crowds and stress of the daytime. This allows them to fully enjoy the museum and get an insider perspective on how the wondrous and interactive exhibits work. Late’s is a session geared towards adults and this month focuses on stories from World War One casualties and how prosthetics begun their development process after the war.

Tate Modern

On the last Friday of every month, the Tate Modern hosts the Late at Tate evening in partnership with clothing brand Uniqlo. Here guests can experience a mix of themed DJ sets, installations and cocktails. This month focuses on LGBT and queer themes, celebrating queer arts with DJ’s, workshops and bars. The most foto stomping DJ’s around are also known to perform, this month including Kim Foxman and Larry B. Artist Jessie Mclaughlin is also running a workshop on self-love, opening you up to chat and dance about everything you love about your body. On top of this there will be discussions on gender and how to get involved with the DIY art world.

The British Museum

The British Museums Friday Lates include 20 minute spotlight tours which show previously unseen parts of exhibitions. Other events in the past have included the history of sound performed by 200 different musicians as well as Shakespeare performances and live stand-up comedy. Not only have the exhibitions here gone down in history, but the late night events as well.