Why you should take a walking tour


London is a fabulous city by all accounts, and you can get about using the public transport system just fine. But if you want to get a detailed understanding of many of the monuments, architectures, and historical sites in the city – then having a walking tour with an experienced tour guide will give you a greater appreciation of the story behind London. Stories enrichen our perspectives; so it’s only apt we book a walking tour (or similar experience) during our time in London – especially if we’re visiting for the first time.

The M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City is an accommodation found in one of the most recognized, booming business areas in London. Many walking tours start right here in the East end, meaning you don’t have to only settle for walking tours of central London. After all, you will be traversing the city’s streets predominantly in central; seeing as many of the capital’s premiere attractions are here. Naturally, it only makes sense that you take a walking tour outside of the area you will be most likely frequenting the most. This way, you will have a greater appreciation of the city – not just from the perspective of central London – but from the viewpoint of the city as a whole.

The New London Walking Tour from newlondonarchitecture is one of the many, many walking tours available in the city. It takes you on a whimsical journey, right from St Pauls Cathedral, taking you past the medieval street patterns, the Leadenhall building. Tickets only cost £15, and prices tend to be close this price for other walking tours in the city.

Our advice is to research which places in London you really feel you want to learn more about before you arrive and book your walking tour. It would be no use to do a walking tour of an area you’re not particularly interested by. In fact, it’s most likely that you’ll find such an experience boring – even if the walking guide is sharing fascinating, even mind-shattering information about the place you are exploring.

You can also find wonderful weekend walks from TFL for free if you decide to take the free options. From shorter strolls to longer walks, London’s experienced guides can take you on a series of walks that include: Tales from the RiverBank – Waterloo to London Bridge, Hidden Alleyways and Courtyards – St Pauls to Chancery Lane, and From Pirates to World Trade – The transformation of the Thames.

Now these walking tours don’t tend to occur throughout the year, so you will have to check availability on the TFL site to see if they’re on during the period you’re in London. If they aren’t then you can go with a paid walking tour. Either way, the experience is most certainly worth your time.