The Best Attractions in London’s West End


London’s West End is such an eclectic part of the city. Narrowing the list of attractions here to just several of the best in no easy feat, but if we had to pick just four attractions worth visiting in this part of town, then it would be: enjoying one of the theatre shows, exploring the different stores around Piccadilly Circus and Regents Street, and exploring one of the stand-up comedy venues here. These four parts, in unison, will combine to give you a fantastic experience of London’s West End – giving you that sweet spot of novelty and excitement.

The Theatre shows

Some of the most famous theatre shows have included Les Miserables, Macbeth, Lion King, and the Phantom of the Opera. Whichever one you pick, with the reputation these shows have, you won’t go wrong. If you’ve already seen these shows, then you’ll be able to find a whole plethora of newer theatre shows. It’s no wonder that they call London’s West End the TheatreLand. For a nearby accommodation to the West End, consider The Marble Arch by Montcalm London , a hotel in Cumberland Place that’s close to all the amazing events and attractions here in the West End.  

Stand-up Comedy in London

Watching comedies on TV is one of the quickest and best ways to improve your mood. It takes you away from everything that’s on your mind and lets you revel in an experience that’s so different to what you’re used to.

But live stand-up comedy takes things up a notch. With the many stand-up bars and venues around the West End, you’ll never be short of laughs. It’s not often that tourists consider that stand up as a worthwhile “attraction” but we believe it adds a touch of lightness and playfulness to a trip that’s perhaps too premeditated on “seeing the most attractions, and doing the most things possible”.

Book your stay in London’s West End and experience all these delightful parts of this town at your leisure.