The Best Places To Have Pasta In London

M by Montcalm London Shoreditch Tech City

Are you sick of the lectures about those extra carbs in your diet? Is a happy meal now a distant fantasy, thanks to your strict dietician who removed everything with carbs from your diet? Does your heart break every time you receive a message from that Italian restaurant which almost became your second home? We understand the plight.

The past decade has been really hard on everything that spells carbohydrates or carbs. The amount of carbs bashing that is going on both online and offline make us feel sorry for the innocent carbohydrates. After all, all it did was made food as delectable as heaven. Honestly, without carbs there is probably not a food that will taste half as good. We solemnly believe that carbs need its place back in the social structure and it is not something that you can only enjoy before a triathlon. So, if you are travelling to London, make sure you take a good look at the list of some of the finest places in the city for pasta. Vacation is not the time to count your carbs for sure.

Pastifico in Convent Garden is a part of the immensely popular Café Murano, and located just adjacent to it. Both are owned and run by Angela Hartnett. If you miss out the daily fresh pumpkin ravioli, linguine and the absolute delectable hand rolled gnocchi balls you would not be able to forgive yourself. Do not miss out their spectacular collection of wine as well. If you delve into the gourmet delights that this Italian restaurant has to offer you are bound to get hooked. Have these heavenly dishes at the deli and take back home as well.

  • Burro e Salvia in Shoreditch is one of the most charming restaurants that you are going to come across in London. This is a family run restaurant in the truest sense. It is all about the entire family coming together to prepare some of the most delectable pasta dishes that you have ever tasted. Hop in to taste their famous cardinali pasta, which comes filled with pear, ricotta and gorgonzola. You may also taste their special Papparadelle, which had got pork ribs ragu. Do you love cooking? Wish to know how to prepare pasta like a pro? Join their workshops and learn from their very own Sfogline, well that means pasta maker, for those who didn’t know. Know the secret art of making pasta and amaze those back home.
  • Do you have an upcoming dinner party or expecting some guests? Or, if you are into the city just on a tour you must be thinking about checking out everything that’s special and take back something to share with your family and friends. Whatever be the reason, Lina Stores in Soho is the perfect place to check out some of the finest and also cutest pasta preparations that you will ever come across. Even though it is said that we should never judge the book by its cover, the charming 1950 style ceramic storefront definitely makes a promising impression on those who are entering this deli. You will absolutely fall in love with their delightful filled pasta range, which has got everything delicious, from amaretti to walnut to pumpkin to gorgonzola as their fillings. The best thing is, you can actually stock up these delicacies. So, you may even take back some on your way back to your own country. Do not miss out their parmesan and proscuitto cotto filled little postage stamps, which are simply too beautiful to ignore. You may also order their al dente ravioli which comes along with porchini.
  • If you love to cook and have the option of making some dinner on your own, pasta will be a great dish for you to try your hands at. You will find the best supplies for making the most delectable pasta in the Borough Market at La Tua Pasta. Borough Market in London is well known for its selected stores selling some of the best food items at most generous rates. La Tua Pasta is the supplier for many top chain restaurants and hotels such as M by Montcalm London Shoreditch Tech City. The pasta from this store is the best in London and they have a knack for preparing only the best, whatever it is. No wonder the gnocci in toato sauce available at their store seems to vanish away in almost no time at all. You will also find the best wild boar ravioli from this store itself.

With such delectable offerings, it is hard to concentrate on the other attractions of the English capital. However, even with all these mouthwatering pasta dishes on offer, when you are on a trip to London you simply cannot miss out the other attractions that are awaiting you. But before that, do check out the Montcalm Club Packages and ensure you have got the best deal while selecting an accommodation in the city. Be as close to the heart of the city as possible, depending upon your budget, and you will not miss an action out here in the royal capital.

London is as much known for its gourmet delights and finest wines and other drinks as it is known for the rich culture and heritage, whose proof it carries till date. If you check out London on foot and take help of the local guides, you will be amazed by the history of various places. There are many untold stories that unfold before those who care to check out and listen. Do not miss out on this opportunity. You must check out the popular attractions, but do not ignore the hidden parts of London as well. All of it together is going to gift you the most memorable holiday you have ever spent.