Finding accommodation in London is by no means easy and finding the location which is just right for you is even harder. Whether you’re a business traveller or on a family holiday, the search for perfect accommodation always feels like a voyage with in itself and can leave you clicking through a maze of offers and discounts. The fact of the matter is that you don’t need to look any further than the Montcalm Hotel group, with four prime locations in central London and rooms to accommodate all types of guests, your expectations will always be surpassed.

What’s to expect

Stepping into a Montcalm hotel is like stepping into an Oasis away from the city. The hustle bustle is left outside and what you are faced with instead is a calm and relaxing experience which, although gives you respite from the city, still holds deep within its walls something unique to the UK’s Capital. Perhaps it’s hard to escape the atmosphere of London anywhere in the city, but nevertheless the atmosphere trickles into the Montcalm whilst retaining its calm tranquillity. With hospitable hosts, comfy bedrooms, buzzing entertainment and delicious dining, The Montcalm Club promises satisfaction at great prices.

It’s all well and good to give stirring descriptions of the hotels atmosphere, but without specifics it’s all smoke and no fire. So what is it about The Montcalm London that will leave you wanting to stay again?

hotel roomThe Rooms

One of the stand outs of the Montcalms rooms is just how tailored to the guests needs they are. The range of amenities on offer means that you will have free Wi-Fi, television with Satellite channels, tea and coffee and a fully stocked mini bar. If the energy of London is wearing you down, then you have everything you need in a Montcalm bedroom for a luxurious night in. On top of this, the rooms come in deluxe sizes of 20 metres squared, or executive sizes of 25 metres squared. Either way you have plenty of space. To personalise your stay even further, Montcalm rooms offer a wide variety of different pillow options, from the hypoallergenic options to Manly Magic and Dainty Delights. To add to the decadence, try out the wide range of aromas available for every room. When opening your door you’ll be met with one of six different aromas, including the Marine Fresh with its notes of ocean spray, bergamot, dune grass and cedar whilst the Romantic touch brings a union of rose, sandalwood, cardamom, saffron and basil.

dining table


The Montcalm Club is also home to a range of different restaurants and unique dining experiences. If it’s a traditionally English Afternoon Tea you’re after, then pop down to the Montcalm Marble Arch where you’ll find a tantalising selection of loose leaf teas and finger sandwiches, served with dainty pastries. For dinner, the hotels host many different restaurants, all with their own unique interior style and cuisines. For fans of Asian food, try the Nirvana kitchen, where modern innovation and historical tradition weave into a menu paying homage to Thailand and Far East. For those with a taste for bird orientated meals, head on down to the Aviary at the Montcalm Royal London House for slow cooked meat and British cuisine.

The Montcalm is not devoid of its quirkiness, however prim and proper the façade may be. The Montcalm at the Brewery is known to be the initial grounds for one of the first Industrial sized Breweries in the world, bringing with it a wealth of history harking back to the 18th century.

To book a room at one of the Montcalm Hotels, simply check out their website and choose the accommodation which will suit you. You’ll be surprised, there’s a lot to choose from.