The Painting Ecstasies from Monet to Matisse


Enjoy the pleasures of unique painting delights from Monet to Matisse while on tours to London.

London is perhaps the only place where one feels the beauty of the air and smells the amazing thrill of arts and culture right here in the city. London’s beauty is furthered by the incessant painting exhibitions which occupy the mainstay of tours here. The art here is incomplete without discussing about Monet’s Agapanthus Triptych which dates back to the year 1916 to 1919. It actually reaches the heart of the viewer right in the beauty of this world which is filled with the softest reflections which moves on to another pond without banks. This is a true reflection of the mirrored universe with the best of lilies around.

It is a Masterpiece

Monet’s work is a masterpiece indeed and this cosmic work of art has three components and is owned by a group of museums which have got back here to give the overall effect. The thrill of being in this exhibition is made of psychedelic modernist kind of pastoral art that is indeed an ecstatic joy for all right from the start to the finish. If one feels that an exhibition about gardens could be boring then it is quite not possible for Monet was a really great painter who used to start with what struck him as beautiful.

The Royal Academy and Monet

The Royal Academy proved that the basic radicalism of the late art that Monet has is with the beauty of the 1999 exhibition. Monet in the 20th century was something that he had to take back. He was rivaled by other contemporaries like Picasso, Matisse, Pollock and Rothko and had a tough competition for them. They were his rivals and they could never beat Monet. But when the concept of this unique exhibition was announced everyone felt that this is the niche of British art coming to the fore.

The exhibition speaks a lot about Monet’s garden and comes back with some of the best in terms of garden delight and the one at Giverny is something that is really true to the word and is indeed a fusion of all his painting and provides a sense of inspiration to all. The subject matter is amazing and Money in fact was not the only artist of the late 19th century. A garden is usually a combination of fruit orchards and amazing mazes. Henri Matisse today pains a lovely pink tale which has a pink hue and amazing perfumes in mind. Absolutely fascinating the painting shows a classy touch.

The Exhibition and Its Finesse

The exhibition takes lot of efforts to be out of the real world and is a very clear middle class garden which even Van Gogh has given. It leaves out some of the anguished kind of painting which make the entire structure very difficult to handle. The curators also had a lot of delight in following the scenes of the Spanish courtyards along with the English blooms. The beauty of the light and shadow and the green bursts of violet are amazing ways of enjoying the artistic touch. One also has the pleasures of being in the confines of the Montcalm Club Hotels which give way to some easy and convenient ways of experiencing the best. Enjoy the best stays here in the city of London and bring back a charm that is indeed a great way of enjoying the stays in the city.  This is the way one can enjoy the stays here and make best of the city delights here. Art and culture is indeed a way of endorsing the London based culture and one only loves to comeback for more here.

Pastoral Charms of Monet Delights

The beauty of the exhibitions amidst the scenic charms is something that one should not miss on tours to this part of the world. The rhapsodic paintings here give way to the best kinds of travel experiences to people who come here. One also loves to see the paintings come out in best forms. The rivers of joy and happiness seem to flow right here and make way for some interesting stuff for all travelers who come to this part of the world.

Monet to Matisse

In fact one comes to this exhibition which showcases the best of Monet and also features some good paintings. “Painting the Modern Garden” delivers the best kind of floral masterpieces by Claude Monet. In fact one also has other stuff like Henri Le Sidaners “The Rose Pavilion”. The Royal Academy has brought in the theme with a lot of interest and enthusiasm. The walls here are painted with green hues. The painting depicts a unique and special charm which is filled with a typical artistic touch. While on tours here one has to also take time to enjoy the comforts of the hotels here. So there are hotels in Cumberland Palace which give way to some easy ways of enjoying the tours here.

The Other Beauties

Henri Matisse is famous for The Rose Marble Table which is again a beautiful work of modern art which is typical in this part of the world. Claude Monet’s Lady in the Garden is also popular. Then one has Joaquin Sorolla whose Louis Comfort Tiffany is very famous and goes back to the time of 1911. This is again here thanks to the Hispanic Society of America New York. Then Pierre Bonnard has his “Resting in the Garden” and has been acclaimed for its popularity quotient. Another interesting painting is Wassily Kandinsky’s Murnau the Garden II of 1910 is a true way of enjoying the paintings here.

London and art

London is famous for the various kinds of art forms which form the mainstay of tours in this beautiful city. There is a certain reason why one would want to be part of the travel experiences here and this is a unique way of spending the stays here. The best ways of enjoying the arty tour is to make way for the best experiences and being prepared for something different.