The internet is flooded with selfies these days, they are some of the easiest photos to take and help you to document your attendance or presence at exciting events and landmarks. This often occurs in the city of London, where the abundance of landmarks and photogenic areas will have you snapping a photo everywhere you go. The trick is whether your selfie is up-loadable, and there are a few steps you can take to make sure that this is the case. No one wants the whole world seeing an embarrassing photo of you, especially if it ruins an especially memorable moment for you.

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Get your face looking ace

Whether it’s a face cream or a Spa Break in London, there’s always a way to get rid of those blemishes. The Montcalm at the Brewery London City holds a spa in which you can detox your face and look your best for a photo. Get a facial in our amazing spas and steam rooms to get rid of those pesky blemishes or alternatively get a massage and relax, leading to more natural photos for days to come.

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Take your selfie from above

One of the main tips for taking selfies is to make sure that you’re taking the photo from above eye level. From head on or below, you can end up accentuating unflattering aspects of your body, such as your chin and nose, due to the shadow.

No hands please

On top of this, it is often a good idea to make sure that your arm is not in shot. Having an extended line of flesh protruding out from your photo can feel invasive and can take away the visual immediacy of your face. It’s the same concept of not breaking the fourth wall in acting; the viewer doesn’t want to be reminded that a picture is being taken by you but instead longs to become lost in it. A hand protruding out holding the phone can be a reminder of this.

Try a natural look

Pouts and fake smiles are a thing of the past. For the best photos, show your true character. A real smile or a natural expression go a long way in highlighting your best qualities. A smile with eyes will no doubt show true happiness from within you. If you’re not feeling particularly happy, don’t try a smiling photo, it will show behind your eyes that it’s fake. Instead go for a more natural emotion, such as pensive or flirtatious.

Don’t centre your face

With your face slap bang in the centre of the frame, a disorientating and unflattering effect can occur. This is because the best photos follow the rule of thirds, meaning that your eyes should be around one third down the frame, giving space for playing with the photos dimensions and most likely a better angle for you to be photographed from.

selfie place in london

Find that perfect selfie spot

No one wants to take their selfie with a grubby bedroom or bathroom behind them. The point of a photo of yourself is to show the world that you’re in a specific place or are having fun or just plain and simply how good you look. For this to work you need to have a great background and where better place to start than the streets of London. Stepping out of any hotel in the Montcalm Club, you’ll find a vast array of different backdrops for your selfies, whether that be the beautiful streets of Belsize Park, the natural woodland of Hampstead Heath or the bustling lights of Oxford Circus at night. Another factor is weather. If you’re looking for a dark and brooding atmosphere then clouds or rain would obviously help whilst to truly accentuate your own features, then sunlight would also help.