Top 15 Things To Remember While Planning An Abroad Tour


A trip abroad is something to be excited about. Are you also planning a vacation to some other country? Congratulations! Not many are able to take out enough time, especially with the ever increasing busyness turning the daily life into something like a machine work. But you have made the impossible possible. You have finally broken out of the chain and are ready to check out a part of the world that was unknown to you. However, are you ready to take on the trip? Is everything in place? There is no harm in a cross check, right?

Let me break down the job for you. I present the master list of the things that need to be done / checked before a trip abroad. No matter where you will be travelling, there are a few things that are essential. See if you have missed out any –

1.Make a copy of your passport and carry it separately. It is always essential to keep a copy of your own passport separately along with you. In case you lose your original passport, this copy will help you get help from the competent authority and the embassy of your country and get back home.

2.Keep a copy of your passport with someone you trust. This is a backup in extreme case scenario. A copy of the passport should be kept at home and with someone you can turn to in case of emergency.

3.Make an electronic copy of the passport. Scanning the passport is the best thing to do. Keep a copy of it in your mail id and in any device which you will be carrying with you.

4.Keep your medical insurance policy and doctor’s prescriptions updated. Cross check to ensure that you have the needed vaccinations and also have prescription for all the necessary medicines. Keeping a digital copy of prescription is a smart move, but might not be applicable everywhere since it might not be accepted. Make sure your medical insurance covers you while travelling to the specified country. If not, make necessary arrangements for the same.

5.Contact the embassy and keep them informed after reaching the foreign country. Registration helps the government to track down those outside the country in case of any emergency and return them to safety.

6.Cash is important while travelling. You will need the case in the currency of the country that you are visiting. It is best to go to the foreign exchange department of a bank and get the currency you will need.

7.Make sure your cards are accepted internationally and will be valid in the country you will be visiting. Cities like London also have facilities of cash cards which are provided by various financial institutions. You may use them and save the foreign exchange rate that you will be paying every time use your own credit or debit card to pay.

8.Visit only banks or ATMs in the country you are travelling to. Foreign exchange providers and other such centers near the airport or other such locations will rip off from you in the name of exchange rate. Do not fall for these schemes.

9.Most important is checking the exchange rate of the country you are traveling to. If you are travelling to London you will find that the exchange rate is pretty high in many cases. It is important that you make sure you have enough money to get necessary foreign currency.

10.Know the place where you are going. Go through every travelogue you can lay your hands upon. In case you are travelling to London, you will find a number of blogs and other sources of information about the city. Having information about the city you will be travelling to help in determining the route you will be taking while on the trip. Guidebooks will come in handy as well.

11.Book your accommodation in advance. Advanced booking ensure better deals and more choices. London is one of the costliest cities in the world. While you are planning your trip to London make sure you select the accommodation that will not only be within your budget but also close to the major tourist attractions. London City Suites by Montcalm is one of the finest places to stay with family. The Montcalm Business suites are perfect for business travellers, taking care of all the business needs.

12.Get local guide help. You may contact some local guide after you have been to the city. Or you may even get online local guide maps for your assistance. There are online assistances available in many forms, such as city tours recorded in voice format, and such others, which may act as local guide for the person visiting the city.

13.Get mobile phone which can be used in the country you are about to travel to. The information about this will be available in the Internet. You should ensure that you have mobile device which is compliant with the technology that is being used in the city.

14.Check the voltage details in the country and find the right adapter that will help you recharge your equipment. Also, the type of socket changes with country. Make sure you have a global adaptor or the right kind of plug that can be used in the country you will be visiting.

15.Do not create excessive luggage. Remember, you will have to pay for any item that you will be carrying which is above the permitted limit. Also, there is a high probability that you will return with extra items that you have bought during travel. Keep room for the extra luggage. It is best to check the airlines rules regarding luggage and make sure you comply.

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A travel abroad is great fun. But it also includes things that you will have to keep in mind. Do not forget to bookmark this blog and use it as reference while you are planning your trip.