Top Things For An American To Do In London

Top Things For An American To Do In London

London is a diverse specimen when it comes tourism. Whether you’re visiting from the Middle East or from Asia, there’s always something you can find which will remind you of home. It’s the beauty of the city, a bubble of variety, London has inherited cultures from across the globe, with many historic international figures having trod this land. Not least, our cousins across the Atlantic have made a lasting impression on our country, despite having existed for far less time than the UK has. If you’re a homesick American tourist making the most of the many amazing London Hotel special offers and looking for a slice of home in the UK capital, then look no further than this blog. Here are top things for an American to do in London.

American bar in the Montcalm Hotel

nirvana-bar at the Mont Calm London

Taking from the best of the US, the Montcalm offers its guests a US hotel inspired bar that you won’t want to leave. Before you’ve even left the foyer at the Marble Arch by Montcalm London, you’ll be faced with a great American experience. Filled with live jazz, single malts and beautiful blends of whiskey, you can be sure to have a great evening in the dazzling Nirvana Bar at the Marble Arch Montcalm Hotel.

The starting Point of the Mayflower

The legendary Mayflower, which originally brought the first puritan pilgrims from London to the USA is now the site of one of the best River side pubs in the city. Allegedly built on the exact site from where the Mayflower set off, the Mayflower is a busy and lively pub based in Rotherhithe. Another quaint draw to the pub is that it is the only British Pub where you can buy US stamps, great for sending postcards back home!

Benjamin Franklin House


Benjamin Franklin's London home

On Craven Street near Trafalgar Square, a beautiful Georgian house holds a museum dedicated to one of the most respected founding fathers of the USA. Dating back to 1730, 36 Craven Street was where Benjamin Franklin worked and lived for sixteen years. Opened in 2006, the museum is a Grade I listed building and is dedicated to the life of Benjamin Franklin, exploring his works and early days before the founding of the USA.

The Whitechapel Bell foundry

The Whitechapel Bell Foundry was opened in 1738 and was the site at which the Liberty Bell was cast, not to mention the bell inside the Big Ben. With a history going back centuries, the foundry has been owned by the Hughes family since 1904. Tours are available of the Foundry and it’s listed premises which must be taken advantage of due to the fact that the site itself has a limited life span, it being sold in the next few years.

The first Woman in Parliaments house

On the surface, this looks like more of a win for gender equality, but it also turns out that the first woman in Parliament was also an American. Cliveden House is located in Buckinghamshire, just outside of London and played host to the first female and American in parliament, playing host to the “Cliveden set”, a group of political intellectuals who held their meetings in this beautiful Italianate mansion.