Top Tips for Spending Time in The Uk

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The UK is a country with its own set of rules. Like with every country, there are customs and traditions which visitors need to be aware of, or get used to so as to integrate with the locals. This is especially true of the UK, where a millenia worth of history and tradition has led to a culture infused with character. The UK is one of the oldest countries to have ever been established and as an island, has nurtured it’s own ways of doing things for hundreds of years, untarnished by borders shared with other countries. If you’re visiting London or the Montcalm London Marble Arch, then you’ll no doubt want to get to know the city like a Londoner does. Doing this means getting to know the customs of the locals, whether that be through manners, rules or cuisine.

It can be easy for routine, habit and traditions to get lost in translation, which is why we’ve compiled a simple list of traditions and courtesies to keep in mind during your stay at the Montcalm hotel in Shoreditch.

Escalator etiquette

As you’re probably aware, the escalators in London will constantly remind you to stand on the right hand side. This is especially important during rush hour, when you’ll find the mad rush of central London to be more than a little overwhelming. If you’re in a rush, walk down the left hand side and stand on the right. Be prepared for dirty looks and arm your best, for anyone breaking this rule.

Queuing is key

The British love a good queue. As the bastion of etiquette in the modern world, the British have a more ordered approach to waiting in line, and unlike the free for alls of queues in other countries, the British respect the art of waiting. Whether it be a bank, a bus or a night out, the orderly queue is always respected.

The myth of the British pound

One aspect of the UK which confounds newcomers is the British sterling pound. Whilst some think that the British should just get on with it and transfer to the Euro like many others on the continent, others respect the independent currency of the UK. When visiting the city, make sure you don’t make the mistake of exchanging your money for Euros.

Drinking is less frowned upon than other countries

A pint in the mid afternoon is not as frowned upon as in many other countries. The pub culture of the UK means that it is more normal than say, the USA to have a relaxed glass of wine or a pint of ale. With such a wide range of breweries, cocktail bars and historic public houses, you’ll definitely want to sample this staple of UK culture.

Food markets are steeped in history

Food markets in London serve more than just a function. Dating back to the medieval period, markets such as Borough and Spitalfields have built themselves up over many years.

London is easy on a budget, if you know where to look

With many free museums, comedy and music gigs, London is well known for being easy to explore on a tight budget. With many great deals at 5 star hotels in London, you can get by on very little if you know where to look. Whilst rent is high and public transport expensive, the entertainment and attractions can be very cheap indeed.