Traveling Around London On Two Wheels


Traveling around London can be incredibly hectic and depending on the mode of transportation, very expensive. Many Londoners and tourists look for new ways to get around faster and more convenient. Besides taking the tube, the buses, taxis, or hiring a car, there are two wheel options.

London has a great public bike sharing scheme that are available 24/7 and open 365 days a year. “Boris bikes,” named after London’s Mayor Boris Johnson, are available to hire at any docking station terminal scattering around London. Just swipe with a bank card of the easy touch screens and follow the instructions. The bikes can be taken anywhere from Shepherds Bush to Canary Wharf and Wandsworth Town to Camden Town. Simply hire the bike, ride it where you want, and then return it to any of the docking terminals. To access the bike for 24 hours, it only costs £2 and the first 30 minutes of each journey is free. For longer journeys, it is just an additional £2 per extra 30 minutes. There are several great bike routes mapped out around London. They are easy to follow, self-guided, and really show you some hidden gems around the Capital, such as: secret gardens, Saturday markets, sport spots in London.

Hiring a scooter of “Vespa” is another option for a quick get around in central London. The minimum age to hire a scooter is 18 and the price is usually £75 a week. There is also usually a mile limitation and some companies may charge an extra fee for non UK license holders. Insurance will also be required to hire a scooter, sometimes this fee is included in the rental price and the rider will have to leave a deposit for the bike. There are so many different companies you can hire these bikes from, so it is best to shop around before your trip.

Another option to help save on petrol would be to hire a Motorbike while traveling around London. Riding a motorbike can help you get through congested, London traffic much faster. Caution, this can be more dangerous in central London traffic, however if you plan on taking a more remote trip, it can be a great way to see the bountiful English landscape. If you do plan on traveling in central London, there are many free parking spaces for motorbikes, which also save on parking fees. Most motorbike companies will allow you to borrow a bike for a day, week or even on a monthly basis, depending on your trip length. However, make sure you have a motorbike license in order to hire and most bikes are already insured and ready to go.

Any of these two wheel options would be great for getting to Meetings & Events Venues in London.