Traveling from London to Cornwall, to Cardiff, and Back Again


To get from London to Cornwall, the best way is to the take the First Great Western from London Paddington Station. Get off at the Bristol Temple Meads and hope on the Cross Country train towards Manchester/Piccadilly. Get off at the St. Austell station and then take a bus to Cornwall.

Cornwall is located in the westernmost point of the United Kingdom. Cornwall has it all, a peninsula that offers a picturesque golden beaches and a jagged cliffs overlooking the sea. It is a favourite for both English and international tourists looking to relax and soak up some sun. It is also the traditional homeland of the Cornish people and is recognised as one of the Celtic nations, retaining a distinct cultural identity that reflects its history.

On your return to London from Cornwall, take a brief detour to Cardiff. Get off at Bristol Temple Meads and take the A1 bus towards Bristol and then get off at the Bristol Bus Station. From there take the 201 towards Swansea and get off at Cardiff.

Cardiff is the capital of Wales. Being one of the most historical cities in the UK, there are many things to see while you are staying there. Cardiff Bay is home of the BBC Studios which are used to film the iconic, cult classic TV show, Doctor Who. For the ultimate fans, they run a “Doctor Who Experience” tour. Also, one of the most impressive castles in Britain, the Cardiff Castle can be traced back to the Roman conquest of the 3rd. Commissioned by William the Conqueror, the castle was built in the 11th century. The castle itself is packed with historical artefacts and includes the secret tunnels which were used as war-time shelters.

To get back to London, take the 201 bus back towards Gatwick Airport. Get off at Heathrow Airport and then take the N9 bus towards London, Charing Cross. It is about a 5 hour trip.

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