Tube shortcuts and tips in London


If you’re visiting London this autumn, then we’ve got a whole host of tips for you, including a series of shortcuts and pathways you can take to get the full advantage of the city. You can also take great tube shortcuts – that enable you to get where you want to get to with an extra dimension of fun and enjoyment. We understand that some Underground stations can feel like a maze, with plenty of entry pathways and exits, but with what we have lined up for you in this post, navigating the city and tube will be easier than ever.

For one thing, know that it can often times be quicker to take walk to the next stop, rather than take the train, especially during rush hour. Besides, it’s a way to enjoy the scenery and save costs. For example, there’s only a five minute distance between Leicester Square and Covent Garden, while a walk from Baker Street to Marble Arch station is only a 10 minute walk. Besides that, a walk from Edgware Road station to Baker Street is only perhaps 10 minutes away.

If you’re at Leicester Square station, then be on the lookout for the shortcut we’ll describe shortly. If you’re looking to use the Northern Line from there, ignore the standard directions pointing you that way, and instead walk towards the Piccadilly Line platform before getting off at the Northern line – it’s a much quicker route. We recommend you download the “Tube Exists” app since it adds an extra layer of novelty to your travels.

In terms of other things to keep in mind, always keep to the right when using the escalator, don’t go beyond the yellow safety line at the tube stations, and always avoid the staircase at Covent Garden. Also for sheer convenience, always opt to use the Underground as opposed to the bus if time is of the essence. Although, during peak times, try to walk around as much as you can. Especially if you’re staying in central London, close to the luxury accommodations in the area.

Our other advice includes using Google Maps on your phone, to estimate how long a journey will take. Never board the Underground service without knowing exactly which tube station you need to get off at. The London city suites by Montcalm are centrally located, which means you will spend more time enjoying the attractions in Piccadilly Circus etc., and less time using the Underground. With that said, you will inevitably rely heavily on the transport network. Naturally, we hope the series of tips we’ve shared in this post have been helpful.