Tube tips and tricks for your London trip

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The biggest charm of visiting London is travelling in its tube. The classic and iconic tube/train commuting system of this city is its heartbeat and a must-have experience for all visitors. It covers all main attractions of London and connects you to the airport and other trains to travel outside of London. Tubes when used while visiting London prove to be an affordable and quicker mode of transportation. The experience of tubing however can be overwhelming for first time commuters and if you are traveling to a new destination. To help you commute easily and smoothly on the tube here are a few tips and tricks that might come handy.

  1. Since there is no mobile network while you are underground in a tube, you should design your route before going underground or keep a tube map with you. (These tube maps are provided for free at almost all tube stations). The tube stations are very well marked and well-staffed in case you are lost.
  2. You can avoid the rush hours (7:30-9:30am and 5:00-7:00pm) and travel during off-peak hours to make your commute cheaper and relaxed.
  3. You can buy an Oyster card and make your journey cheaper and convenient or if you have a contactless card, you can even use that directly to be on the tube. The Oyster works on all London buses as well. For shorter trips you can buy a day card or a visitor Oyster card.
  4. Not all stations are modernised with escalators, lifts and toilets. If you need them, make sure you check in advance and design your route accordingly.
  5. As marked, always stand on the right hand side of the escalator. The left side is for people who wish to walk up.
  6. You can use various apps like city mappers, TFL and more to help plan your journey on tubes. These apps also tell you the status of all trains and tubes.
  7. Get familiarised with tube etiquettes. Always let the passengers come out first before boarding the train. Always stand behind the yellow line for safety. Always keep your ticket/Oyster/contactless card ready at the exit, to prevent queueing. London is a busy city and following these rules helps prevent chaos.
  8. Don’t forget to explore the stations too. For instance, the Baker Street Station is worth checking out for its restored red brick beauty, and the grandness and grandeur of the modernised Kings Cross station will leave you awestruck.