Visit London like a true Londoner

Unearthing Attractions in The City of London

The most ideal and fun way of visiting any city is to explore it like the residents do. It’s only then you get a chance to experience the real vibe and spirit of the city. If you wish to ditch doing the usual touristy things in London, you have a number of fun alternatives to do.

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While London’s top rated attractions have their own charm, here’s a list of places and things Londoners do to keep themselves entertained. If the ingredients to your perfect holiday include being quirky and doing the offbeat things, then these top suggestions are for you.


Londoners love their food and that explains the variety of cuisines this city has to offer. They are always looking for something new to try and enjoy quirky eateries. Find great cafes in East London serving burgers, pizzas, breakfast options and ice-creams in innovative styles. Dirty burgers, bubble teas, cereal cafes and cronut joints are a few options worth trying. You must indulge in London’s street food fashion. Every market and every corner of this vibrant city has something delicious, fresh and unique to offer.


Ditching the clubs in Central London where you will mostly find the tourists chilling, head to other parts of London like Camden and East London to party with Londoners in their style. Enjoy the real party scene.

East London

This part of London is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. With new clubs, eating joints, cafes, markets and the gentry it will be right to call East London the most happening joint these days. A lot of cafes and clubs have live music and great bands playing along with a delectable mix of food and drinks being served.

Park culture

If the weather permits, London park culture is also huge and evergreen. The slightest ray of sunshine pulls out all Londoners to the parks with their picnic blankets and baskets. The city boasts of vast green spaces like Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill, Richmond Park and more. The parks here are equipped with lakes, walking paths, swings, cafes and more fun things to enjoy a nice day out here.

Walking and Biking

London is also a very bike friendly city. Londoners love to walk and ride in the city. You too can choose to explore the city by foot or on a bike. Most of the roads are designed with cycling lanes on them. You can check out the Transport for London website to explore beautiful walking and biking routes created by them.


London Markets

Apart from the popular touristy London markets, you can go the ones where Londoners go. The Brick Lane market, Greenwich Market and the Colombia Road Flower market are a few favourites of Londoners.