Visit the City: From America to London


If you’re an American travelling to London, then we’ve got a showcase of tips to help make your stay in the city as good as possible. Interestingly, an increasing amount of Americans are visiting London, and for good reason. Americans like the UK because it’s the only primarily English speaking country in the world. That makes it easy to communicate and enjoy the different sights and attraction.

London Skyline
We recommend you bring an umbrella. The city’s reputation for its cloudy skies and rain might be overstated, but when it does rain, it usually pours heavily. If you’re considering a hotel, London has a range of fabulous luxury hotels. These include the Montcalm club hotels and with the Montcalm club offers, they can be enjoyed for less than you might expect.

London is the best starting point for a holiday in Europe for Americans, since many of its roots are tied back to America. Besides that, it provides the perfect balance between novelty and comfort. You’ll have enough new experiences here to make you feel like you’ve visited a new world. But you’ll also have the comfort of recognising many parts of American culture in this city.

Of course, a stay here will be quite different to visit a city in America for instance. While Americans may be stereotyped as being loud and direct, Londoners are seen as polite and unassuming. In conversations, some words are going to sound very strange indeed compared to the American way. And not just because of the accent – but certain words and phrases are said quite differently. The words ‘water’ and ‘butter’ are common examples.

Besides that, Britons travel on the left side – as so does about one-third of the world. From a historical perspective, this is related to 18th century France; there was a convention where by aristocrats travelled on the left side. For a great attraction, consider the Harry Potter studios. They not only provide tremendous insight into how the franchise was made but they also beautifully demonstrate the movie making process. In that sense, it’s just as much of an educational as an entertainment venue. Very few attractions, even in London, manage to combine both these aspects – so delightfully.