Why you should visit the Underground Film Club


Imagine watching a film from the depths of an Underground station, popcorn on deck, as the projector twirls one of the latest screeners in front of a small audience. It’s hard to think of more an intimate way to enjoy a cinema screening.  Due to the privacy of the event, getting tickets can be difficult to this sort of experience can be difficult. Nonetheless, if you can, then we definitely recommended taking a night out during your visit to London to enthral yourself in the unique experience that waits at the Underground Film Club. It’s open on Launcelot St in South London between 6 and 11:30pm. The venue has around 40 seats, and sound will be through headphones, which adds a little more immersion to the experience.


While some might argue that having to use headphones makes the experience a little less good than it could be, we argue that based on the venue and the small crowd, it’s a beneficial addition. Tickets typically cost £15, and just imagine how cool it will feel to watch a movie, by simply whisking yourself to the relevant tube station – without stepping out. You could very well argue that all you did was take the tube. And it’s very rare anyone says that after they go out for an evening! The Underground Film Club can be found underneath Waterloo station. If you would like more relevant information you can call the venue at: 0207 635 5817.

Some of the movies that are showed at the venue not include timeless classics like: Pulp Fiction, True Romance, the Big Lebowski but also newer releases like Straight outta Compton and the Diary of a teenage girl. That alone is what makes the venue so special. When you consider that most cinemas only show the latest movies, having a venue like this, which takes you back to the older classics, is a welcome addition in a culture that’s become obsessed with the new. Other than that, the Underground Film club is also home to Smokey Joe’s Blue Bar and Rockadollar – providing some of the best street food right at the venue.

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