What makes London so attractive?


London by all accounts is a fantastic city, but what about it makes travellers come back again, and again. And what is it that has made the city remain to be the most visited tourist destination in the world for the last couple of years? In our opinion, it’s down to the eclectic range of attractions, booming commerce, and the history of the place. England once held an empire of the world, and naturally, its capital city seems to hold a certain prestige as a result. Whenever you come came to visit London you can book the best London City Suites By Montcalm.

London has more than a 100 nationalities

London Experiences

When we look at the personality of London as a whole, we can clearly recognise that the combination of British culture has immersed itself into London as a whole. At the same time, the paradox is that London is the least British city in the UK – with a third of its inhabitants being born on foreign soil. With more than 100 nationalities, the city is the most international city in the world. We believe that it’s this melting pot of cultures, nationalities, and languages – which makes London so attractive to travellers worldwide.

It’s tough to feel like a stranger in London, just because there are so many internationals already here! Another thing which sets London apart is how it caters to those who are after luxury shopping experiences. Besides, with the 5 star hotels London has to offer, visitors to this city can expect to have an experience that caters to their sense of high class and style.

Shoreditch is unique

Making the Most of Shoreditch

The M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City epitomises the best of luxury intertwined with modern aesthetics and access to the town’s eclectic art scene. Besides, Brick-lane, one of the most famous markets is just around the corner, and provides visitors to the city with the kind of atmosphere that makes not only makes them smile with serenity, but one that also makes them surprised by just how different Shoreditch is in comparison to the rest of London.

So by all accounts, London deserves to be the most visited tourist destination in the world. Book your stay this season, and experience it for what it can be.


What makes London a world city?

London is a very important city all around the world for the following factors.

  • London is surrounded by widespread green parks, the royal parks.
  • London is the home for many big giant businesses all over the world.
  • People of London enjoys the great and suitable weather conditions compared to any other big cities of the world

What is London known for?

The London is famous for this massive and giant architecture from the historical times. The main important attractions are Big Ben, National Museum of London, London Bridge, The Thames, Royal parks, Buckingham palace

What makes London Unique?

London is unique for 3 important factors.

The Thames: It’s enchanting to move around the bank of The Thames, a bicycle ride maybe or the view of the Thames and the entire London city from the London Eye.

The Free Museum Entry : The museums are one of the London attractions which take you to the medieval age and history of the world.

The Tube Transport : The tube transport are hassle free and you can reach to all the important places of attractions through this transport in less time.