Wonderful wellness: taking care of yourself via The Montcalm Club


Wellness. It’s a term you hear bandied about a lot these days. But for good reason. So many of us lead hectic lives; our jobs can leave us fraught and exhausted and, if we’re parents, the rest and relaxation we get at home can be satisfying, for sure, but limited. What’s the answer? Where can we turn to for a little but much needed ‘R & R’ – yes, those two little yet magic ‘R’s; rest and recuperation? Good question!

Granted, many of us look to holiday time – however few days and nights it may encompass – to charge up our batteries and do very little. But, that said, there are many different kinds of break nowadays. And many different enticing, fascinating and irresistible things to throw yourself into when away from home and indulging you and yours – sightseeing, shopping and, sometimes, giving a go physical activities you may have never considered trying before – why not; you’re on holiday, right! Sure, but what time are you putting aside for some ‘R & R’? Let’s face it, all this can be very true should you be visiting a terrific, but bustling modern metropolis like London.

And yet, should you choose the right accommodation for your stay in a city like London, why not secure that proper indulgent, ‘me time’ (or, rather, that proper ‘me do nothing time’), by spending a few hours or, say, an afternoon at a high-quality, well-reviewed and revered hotel spa? Indeed, if you’ve made your accommodation of choice the Montcalm London hotel at Marble Arch, then you’ll have lucked out as its spa and wellness facilities are absolutely second-to-none and, if you’re also a frequent guest at Montcalm accommodation and thus a member of The Montcalm Club, you’ll have doubly lucked out, because you’ll be entitled to among the best spa deals London too. Sounds good, eh? You bet it does!


Spa at The Montcalm


Ensconced in the elegant and salubrious environs of The Montcalm London Marble Arch hotel, located just off Park Lane in the heart of the much sought-after West End area of the capital, Spa at The Montcalm is a facility that we at The Montcalm Club like to think of, well, as less an accommodation amenity than a destination. Indeed, we think it’s simply the perfect destination to step into and be thoroughly indulged so you’re enveloped in a true haven of luxury.

And this is because it offers a range of integrated treatments, specifically selected and provided by the expert staff for their healing abilities for both body and mind – all designed for you to shake off all that stress (both physical and mental/ emotional) and succumb to the state of being you really want. At least, for as long as possible, that is! And, naturally, in its totality, this range of comprehensive treatments makes full use of the venue’s spa and fitness centre facilities – the likes of a sauna, a steam room, a monsoon shower, exercise pools and a Jacuzzi – while, of course, all the invigorating massage and beauty treatments available to guests (and especially to Montcalm Club members) are carried out by fully-trained, widely-experienced professional therapists.


Treatment types


So, as a member of The Montcalm Club then, just which terrific treatments can you take advantage of, perhaps as part of one of those carefully planned spa breaks London? Well, the Spa at The Montcalm offers the following:

  • Facial treatment by Elemis – blending finely-sourced aromatics with state-of-the-art research, the Elemis treatment comes via a range of skin care that aims to ensure your skin appears not just utterly refreshed, but transformed. The spa’s staff are expert in using this range to its full potential in order to ensure your skin’s thoroughly pampered and rejuvenated. The range features the Pro-Lift Booster Facial (1 hour/ £110); the Express Facial (30 minutes/ £65); the Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial (1 hour/ £110); The Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial (1 hour/ £115) and the Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment (30 minutes/ £65).


  • Facial treatment by Thalgo – in this treatment range the resources of marine biology are harnessed and allied with the ancient-to-modern-day traditions of sea bathing and mud baths to maximise the therapeutic qualities of both entities, resulting in natural products that aim to provide users (and, in this case, Spa at the Montcalm guests) with an exhilarating experience thanks to their application by expert therapist staff. The range features the Algae Facial (1 hour/ £110); the Hydra-Marine Ritual Facial (1 hour/ £110) and the Eye Expert Treatment with an eye massage mask (30 minutes/ £70).


  • Body treatments – it’s a proven scientific fact that what’s good for the different parts of your body – and with reference here to the body’s overall skin (excluding the face, hands and feet) – is undoubtedly good for your overall wellbeing; not just physical, but also mental and emotional. The relaxation and recuperation you gain from a body treatment is carried away by you when you leave the spa, aiding you as you reintegrate into everyday life. As such, every one of our venue’s treatments come highly advised.


They include then, the Relaxing Ritual By Montcalm (2 hours and 30 minutes/ £250), which melts away the body’s stress and tension via indulgent chocolate pampering, following a tropical foot ritual and a gentle exfoliation of the body (you might also choose a Thalgo facial on top to finish off); the Polynesia Body Ritual (2 hours and 15 minutes/ £250), which kicks-off with a soothing Azure foot soak, followed by a vanilla-scented scrub that features ingredients drawn from pure-white Bora Bora sand, coconut shell and sea salt, which is washed away by Polynesian Sacred Oil to moisturise the skin, before an aromatherapy massage and refreshing facial massage; the Shaping Back Ritual (1 hour/ £140), which aims to release the tension in aching, sore muscles via a deep-cleansing salt scrub, then a Polynesian mineral and detox body wrap, followed by a warm, Southern oil-based hydrating emulsion in an invigorating massage; the Sensitive Touch Ritual (45 minutes/ £80), which starts with sea-salt exfoliation before moving on to an aromatherapy oil massage of the back, neck and shoulders for deep relaxation (either detoxifying, relaxing or energising, based on your choice); the Body Exfoliation by Elemis (30 minutes/ £60) to revive and re-energise the skin and improve circulation and complexion via deep cleansing and, finally, the 3 Algae Body Wrap by Thalgo (1 hour/ £110), which harnesses the potency of seawater and seaweed – following a relaxing massage and purifying exfoliation, a seaweed-based wrap’s applied to the skin to activate circulation, increase the metabolism and relieve any aches and pains.


  • Massages – you will have noticed, of course, that massages feature, now and again, in the aforementioned body treatments available for Montcalm Club members at the Spa; however, there’s no beating a massage itself to ease the body’s muscles of tension, knots, stress, strain and tiredness. A very traditional treatment it may be then, but the humble massage really can work wonders in the (ahem) hands of the right professional therapist. In fact, in the shape of the following offerings, there’s nothing humble about the massage at all.


Available at the Spa at the Montcalm then are the Aromatherapy Massage (£70 for 25 minutes; £100 for 40 minutes; £110 for 60 minutes; £145 for 90 minutes), which makes use of essential oils for different results (for instance, chamomile, lavender and geranium for calming, rosemary to energise or eucalyptus, pine and tea tree for decongesting); the Swedish Massage (£70 for 25 minutes; £100 for 40 minutes; £110 for 60 minutes; £145 for 90 minutes), a rather all-purpose massage, its aim is to lubricate the skin via oil and different massage strokes, warming up muscle tissue and breaking up knots or adhesions; the Deep Tissue Massage (£120 for 60 minutes; £170 for 90 minutes), deploying many of the techniques of the Swedish massage, this one differs in that the pressure tends to be more intense and more focused in order to release chronic muscle tension and knots and, finally, the Hot Stone Massage (£110 for 60 minutes; £145 for 90 minutes), which sees the application of smooth, heated stones on the skin, aiding the therapist’s own massage strokes; the heat proving deeply relaxing and an aid in warming up tight muscles so the therapist can work on them quicker and more effectively.


  • Other Massages – The Spa also provides more specialist massages for guests, namely the Indian Head Massage (45 minutes/ £90), the delivery of a complex combination of movements applied to the shoulder, neck, scalp and face, it breaks down stress and tension and increases blood flow via an application of various harmonious pressures and movements; the Herbal Ball Massage (1 hour and 30 minutes/ £155), a blend of thermotherapy and Thai herb-application via a warm, herb-filled muslin ball compressed against pre-discussed problem areas of the body with various pressures, thus absorbing the astringent and antioxidant properties of the ball; the Recovery Treatment (1 hour and 30 minutes/ £155), designed to deliver a boost of powerful rejuvenation, this features oil massage, gentle stretching and herbal balls; the Sports Massage (1 hour/ £110), experienced by top athletes on an almost daily basis, this type of massage is great for ironing out aches and pains and aiding in the repair of repetitive stress injuries, while also strengthening muscles and connective tissues; the Shiatsi Massage (£115 for 1 hour; £150 for 1 hour and 30 minutes), a popular treatment hailing from Japan, it involves kneading and stretching techniques deployed to rebalance the body’s natural flow of energy and to promote overall wellbeing; the Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage (1 hour/ £110), applied to the forearms and the hands’ palms, fingers and forearms, this ancient Polynesian-derived massage can actually reach deep into tissue via gentle, but repetitive long strokes; the Lymphatic Drainage Massage (1 hour/ £120), highly specialised, it uses delicate rhythmic movements to encourage the body’s lymphatic system in its work of draining interstitial fluid and the flushing out of toxins, as well as improving energy levels and, finally, the Anti-Cellulite Slimming Treatment (1 hour/ £110), a targeted massage that aims to shift and help eradicate cellulite through the act of kneading it and rolling it away from connective tissue.


Why not enjoy a full Spa Day?


Yes, available too to club members at The Montcalm Marble Arch, undoubtedly one of the best spa hotels London, is the all-encompassing Spa Day package. Indeed, so comprehensive is the package that it’s available in three different versions:

  • Silver – (4 hours/ £199pp, but book a friend too and save £50), this version of the package includes a Polynesian foot bath; a one-hour-long aromatherapy massage (including a head massage); a 30-minute-long body exfoliation; a 30-minute-long warm coconut body wrap; two hours of access to the Spa’s sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and swimming pool) and the use of bathrobes, slippers, towels and complimentary Wi-Fi


  • Gold – (4 hours/ £249pp, including a three-course dinner or lunch), this version of the package includes a Polynesian foot bath; a one-hour-long aromatherapy massage (including a head massage); a 30-minute-long body exfoliation; a 30-minute-long warm coconut body wrap; two hours of access to the Spa’s sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and swimming pool) and the use of bathrobes, slippers, towels and complimentary Wi-Fi; note that lunch is served between 12noon and 3pm and dinner between 6.30pm and 10.30pm


  • Diamond – (£399 for two, including a three-course dinner or lunch), a truly sparkling version of the package that includes a Polynesian foot bath for both guests; a one-hour-long massage for both (an aromatherapy, Swedish or hot stone massage, along with a head massage); a 30-minute-long body wrap ‘for him’; a 30-minute-long facial treatment ‘for her’; two hours of access to the Spa’s sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and swimming pool) and the use of bathrobes, slippers, towels and complimentary Wi-Fi; note that, again, lunch is served between 12noon and 3pm and dinner between 6.30pm and 10.30pm.