Afternoon Tea in London at The Montcalm Hotel

Champagne Afternoon Tea

There’s nothing quite as British as an afternoon tea in London. With tea comes the quintessential taste of the UK, a taste of history and the many years of trade the country had with countries such as India during the reign of the now defunct British Empire. When in London, you’ll undoubtedly taste tea like no other country. There’s something unique about the fresh milk, the tea bags and the (often hard) water which makes the great British cuppa a much sought after, often imitated but rarely matched treat in the UK.

Luckily, the Montcalm Hotel chain of London 5-star hotels offer up afternoon tea options which give you the choice of a wide range of cakes, tea selections and beautiful dining set ups. Served in our lavish tea rooms at the Montcalm Brewery, the afternoon tea selection is suited to both guests and visitors at the Montcalm Hotel. If you are looking for a refresher during a busy afternoon, then the Montcalm Hotel is undoubtedly one of the best spots for a relaxing afternoon tea. Below are some of our favourite afternoon tea options available at the Montcalm Hotel.

Afternoon Tea in London

Afternoon Tea in London

English afternoon tea has been a feature of the country since at least the 19th century. Throughout the next hundred years, afternoon tea in London became a favourite past time of the upper classes, and denotes a certain high society feel to it. That being said, afternoon tea is enjoyed by all, no matter their income. Furthermore, afternoon tea doesn’t necessarily have to include a cup of the titular tea, but instead consists of light snacks, cakes and sandwiches as a filler between lunch and dinner.

Traditional Afternoon Tea

Traditional English afternoon tea

Traditional afternoon tea at the Montcalm consists of finger sandwiches, scones, suffolk jam and clotted cream alongside an assortment of cakes and macaroons.This is a no frills classic British afternoon tea.

Champagne Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea with chilled glass of champagne

Why not kick the afternoon off with some bubbly? The afternoon tea selection at the Montcalm ensures that you can have the best of both worlds. With the soft sumptuous selection of snacks on offer, you can wash it all down with some of the finest champagne London has to offer. The London Champagne afternoon tea is an experience like no other.

Children’s Afternoon Tea

Children's Afternoon Tea

It’s not just the adults who can enjoy afternoon tea. With great value prices, kids can enjoy a child friendly version of afternoon tea, with sandwiches, chocolate dipped fruits and pastries, all from their own Teddy’s tea time menu. On top of this, they will also get a complimentary Montcalm teddy bear to take home with them!

What Is the Proper Time for Afternoon Tea?

Whilst there is no one time to enjoy afternoon tea, it is usually indulged in from around 3 to 5 in the afternoon. Between the hours of lunch and dinner people might feel a lull in their day and a spot of afternoon might be the perfect way to re energise.

What Teas Are Served at Afternoon Tea?

There are a wide range of teas available during afternoon tea. Ranging from herbal delights such as green tea, camomile, ginger and cleansing green tea, you’ll find more than enough to suit every taste. With classic options such as classic builders tea and earl grey on offer, you’ll be amazed at the selection on offer.