Autumn in London: List of Instagram-able Places to Check Out


Autumn in London is magic, make sure you are visiting the city to experience the glory of this season. The city transforms into a kaleidoscope of colour, with leaves turning shades of red, orange, and yellow. Ivy clings to centuries-old facades, and the first mists roll in, adding to the atmosphere of this brief but beautiful intermission between summer and winter. Add more charm to your trip to London with the Montcalm Club Hotel, this season and you won’t regret it! So, here’s a list of places to look out for during autumn in London:

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is home to enchanting trees, which add a symphony of warm colours to the park in the fall. Take a walk on the many trails to explore and feel the crunch of fallen leaves beneath your boots. Visit the bathing bond and enjoy a classic British picnic in one of the many meadows with the cool breeze, touching your hair. Hampstead Heath is also one of the highest points, offering panoramic views of the city. So, head to this popular park in North London during autumn which is sure to make you feel like you’re in a painting!

Little Venice

Little Venice is a charming neighbourhood in London that is especially beautiful in autumn. The canal banks are lined with trees that turn shades of orange and yellow, and the fallen leaves create a colourful carpet on the ground.

While you’re here, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take a boat ride along the canal. Also, add the famous London Zoo to your list to meet about 700 different animals this autumn and learn some facts about the extensive wildlife here. After indulging in the best of London sights, head back to your lavish hotel to enjoy a rejuvenating spa break in London and get ready to witness more autumnal beauty in the capital city!

Regent’s Park

 We’re sure you would have heard about this beautiful park in London. However, what you wouldn’t know is that Regent’s Park is transformed into a majestic yellow-hued oasis during the autumn season. The Boardwalk, a wide path lined with trees, is a particularly beautiful sight, as the leaves change colour to hues of amber. Take a boat ride on the Regent’s Park Canal from a different perspective. Finally, find something to suit your taste at a West End restaurant nearby and look back at this wholesome day.

Notting Hill

Experience Notting Hill’s charm doubled up during the autumn season in London. The colourful houses, which are known for their pastel colours, are even more stunning when they’re surrounded by the changing leaves. Enjoy some peace and quiet at the photogenic St Luke’s Mews and pay a visit to the vibrant Portobello Road Market to buy some vintage collectables!

Whether you’re planning to visit London for a few days or weeks, book your stay with a lavish and conveniently located London hotel on special offers. This way, you’ll be close to the most stunningly hued spots during London’s autumn season which is sure to turn this trip into a forever favourite.