What Is a Stone Massage and Why Could It Benefit You?

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages go back a long way. From the ancient chinese stone massages to the Montcalm spa in London, there’s been a huge length of time for it to develop into the effective and soothing technique which it is today. So who would benefit from a hot stone massage, what techniques are used and where can you find them in London?


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The history of healing stones goes back thousands of years and spans the continents. You’ll be able to find different cultures calling it different things, but always with the same results. The stone therapy was always used for healing purposes, or to improve the functions of internal organs. The stones were used in places like Roman Baths, dating back millennia. This old technique has been reinstated in modern society, the benefits of the therapeutic stones often being used in modern spas. This reinstating of the stone massage was brought about in the early 90’s, when Mary Stone introduced LaStone therapy and sparked the craze once again.


This relaxing form of massage is a full body massage which uses deep tissue techniques to soothe the body. Whether you use a line of hot stones or a single hot stone to apply pressure on the affected area is up to the specifics of the massage, whether therapeutic or for physical reasons. Many hot stone massages will use smaller hot stones on the face and larger ones on pressure points like the collarbone. palm sized stones are used to massage the rest of the body.

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One thing to keep in mind is that heating the stone will mean that the stone is hot! This means you must never let a hot stone touch a body without moving it, and if possible, should use a barrier designed for stone placement or a sheet or towel to ensure your


Hot stone massages combined with a full body massage can bring a range of benefits. For starters, hot stone massages are known for their widening of the blood vessels in your body, allowing blood flow to increase. Another great use is the relaxing and sedative effects of the hot stone massage. This is perfect for those suffering from anxiety and chronic pain, making it both physically and psychologically helpful as a form of therapy.

Stone massages at the Montcalm spa

Stone massages at the Montcalm spa

One of the many spa breaks in London is the Montcalm spa in which you can find a wide range of different treatments. These treatments are some of the most professional out there and of course include the hot stone massage treatment. One of the great things about the M by Montcalm Spa is the sheer range of facilities available at the hotel. The spa employs a number of experienced therapists who will give you the best in the ancient and much loved hot stone massage treatment, bringing some relaxation to the busy inner city and some inner zen to a holiday full of vibrancy and excitement.


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  • The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, London
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