Tasting some of the best burgers in London


There’s something inherently satisfying about wolfing down a meat-packed, grilled, hot burger. The combination of the cooked beef, cheese, salad, and sauces – make for a scintillating, mouth-watering experience. And it seems that passion for burgers runs wild in London. Naturally, a plethora of specialty burger food venues can be found in this city. In this post, we will be uncovering a few of them, in an attempt to find what the best burger places in London are. With the family package London from The Marble Arch by Montcalm London, visitors to the city will find themselves scaringly close to the city’s best burger joints.

The Electric Diner, also known as the Soho Kitchen and Bar, provides visitors will a mouth-watering experience. The burgers are packed with an array of onions, pickles, with a dollop of tangy, yellow mustard. It opens at noon every week day and serves an all day menu and drinks until 1AM. In essence, this venue provides a duality between a bar experience and an authentic, appetizing, zesty burger meal. The French-American inspired menu also provides a range of other light options including quinoa, grilled salmon and winter warming soups.

Elliot’s provides guests with burger that uniquely contain beer-braised onions and buns that they bake in house. The venue itself is a bit busier than the electric diner and perhaps is better suited for a quicker meal, rather than a longer stayover. Besides, the noise of borough market outside will kind of encourage you to get moving.

Shake Shack is an American chain, and queues tend to line up for this place on a daily basis. One of it’s burgers, the SmokeShack, comes highly recommended – with its Smokey bacon and tangy chopped cherry peppers. Patty and Bun provides guests with a ravishing burger experience. It’s cheeseburgers are delightfully crafted, and conjure images of artists deliberating on how it should look for countless hours, before being presented to perfection on your table. The juicy medium rare burgers are perhaps one of the best in the city.

In conclusion, it’s pretty much clear that the city is filled with a host of wonderful burger restaurants. Out of all the ones we’ve mentioned, you won’t go wrong by visiting any of them, and the burger experience here will serve as a great reminder of your time in London. So often we think the craziest, most expensive, lavish restaurant meals provide the most memorable dining experiences. But often times, a simple authentic, relatively cheap meal – can do the job beautifully and simply. Visit London this winter and get a taste of London’s burgers. Christmas is just around the corner, so there’s no better time to visit than during this festive period!