London guide to Soho with all the best things to do


The vibrant energy of Soho has set the tone of London’s party scene and is renowned as the gay capital of the city. This trendy West End district lies in the London Borough of Westminster, close to several of the city’s top attractions. 

For several years Soho has owned its spot as the party capital of London. With a bustling nightlife, and several bars and eateries, it is no wonder people make their way to this part of the city to experience what it means to party in London. Although much of Soho’s hype is centred around its trendy nightlife, there is also lots to do for the day visitor. The area offers an excellent base for shopping, and like most of London, there are several galleries and museums within this district. If you plan on visiting London, check out this guide to Soho with all the best things to do. 

Things to Do in Soho

While Soho may be famous for its incredible nightlife, there’s much more to the area than bar crawling. Visitors looking to enjoy daily activities while staying at nearby hotels can walk their way through the streets and explore the hidden gems of Soho. In addition, you can include the following to your itinerary:

Shopping at Carnaby Street – No trip to London would be complete without at least one shopping experience. With so many shopping places, it’s no wonder London is often seen as a global fashion contender. At Carnaby Street, expect to come across several shops highlighting the beauty of sixties fashion to chic boutiques with rare finds. 

Exploring Liberty – Visitors looking for a taste of Luxury can head to Liberty, where visitors are greeted with wood-panelled architecture and some top-name brands you would expect at places like Harrods. Consider that London is a major tourist destination, and Liberty attracts massive crowds, particularly over peak seasons.

Theatre at West End – The West End, also known as Theatreland, is perfect for exploring performing arts in London. Soho is centrally positioned to give you access to Theatreland in minutes. While most shows run for several months, tickets tend to sell out fast, so secure your tickets in advance for the best deals. Also, check out these incredible  London Hotels Packages.

Some top attractions to visit

  • St Patrick’s Church
  • Berwick Street Market
  • Atomica Gallery
  • Museum of Soho
  • Oxford Street
  • Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre

Walking tours in Soho

  • Wonders of London
  • Murder Mile Tours
  • Flipside London Tours

Places to Eat in Soho

Places to Eat in Soho

It’s no secret that London is a food city, home to more than 18,000 restaurants and eateries. In addition to being the party capital of London, Soho is also famous for its extensive gastronomical offering. As you walk through the streets, expect to come across several street vendors serving authentic international cuisine ranging from the best Chinese street food to mouthwatering easy-to-eat Mexican treats. There are also several outstanding restaurants in the area, and these include:

Prince – This famous lunch spot is known to serve some of the best pizzas in town. The Milanese bakery utilises the best quality seasonal ingredients with all the pizzas handmade and prepared in a traditional-style wood oven. Unfortunately, there is limited seating available, so your best bet is to get your food to go and enjoy it in your comfortable room at The Montcalm Club hotel.  

Hoppers – It wouldn’t make sense to list the best places to eat in Soho without mentioning Hoppers. This popular eatery is famous for its fermented milk and coconut pancakes and serves incredible Sri Lankan cuisine. Some of the menu items include bone marrow varuvals and hot devilled shrimps.

Baiwei – For more flavours of Asia, make your way to Chinatown, where you will find a string of eateries highlighting Eastern flavours. While here, stop at Baiwei, which is famous for serving high-quality, affordable dishes. Some of the famous delicacies include pig’s ear appetisers. 

Other restaurants to check out include:

  • Bao
  • Brasserie Zedel
  • Rita’s
  • Mr Ji
  • Berenjak
  • Ducksoup
  • No

Best bars and pubs in Soho

Places to Eat in Soho

Visitors are spoiled for choice with the extensive offering of water holes in Soho. This vibrant part of London is perfect for anyone looking to relive their party days in London at some of these best  West End Bars

The French House – This traditional and historic pub in the heart of Soho is worth checking out for anyone looking to enjoy a pint in a historical location. The bar was once frequented by the likes of the famous poet – Dylan Thomas and Charles de Gaulle, who used the space as his workplace during the Second World War.  

Ronnie Scott’s – This late-night bar is renowned for being London’s most iconic jazz venue. The famous bar is your escape from pop culture and is perfect for an easy listening session while enjoying your drink of choice in the comfort of a sophisticated crowd. 

Compton’s – With Soho being famous for its LGBTQ* scene, expect to find several gay bars and pubs across this part of town. One of these is the famous Comptons located on Old Compton Street. This is one of the oldest gay bars in the city and is within walking distance of the world-renowned G-A-Y Bar.

Other bars in the area:

  • Aqua Spirit
  • Bar Termini
  • Basement State
  • Blind Big
  • Cahoots
  • Brewdog

Top tips for getting around

  • Several of these  5 Star Hotels London make tube stations easily accessible in London as the London Underground is the best way to access most parts of the city. The best tube stations for Soho are Leicester Square, Oxford Circus, and Tottenham Court Road.
  • The great thing about Soho is that this part of London never sleeps; no matter the time of day, you’re bound to find something to do in Soho. The best would be to explore all the great shops and cafes during the day and reserve restaurant dining and bar hopping for the evenings.