Top 12 incredible facts about London you may not know

Top 12 incredible facts about London you may not know

London ticks all the boxes for travellers looking to experience a city escape, so much so that over 11 million people visit this historic destination annually. Aside from being a top tourist destination, this vibrant metropolis is home to more than 9 million people that call this place home. 

The history of London is evident through incredible architecture dating back over 2000 years, to housing some of the best museums and galleries in the world. In addition, London is renowned for its vibrant gastronomy and a shoppers’ paradise for people looking to enjoy high-end fashion and some of the best street markets in the world. However, there is much more about the city beyond tourist guides. Here are the top 12 interesting facts about London you may not know. 

The Tower is not Big Ben.

Very often, people mistake the Tower of London for Big Ben. This misconception is mainly because the iconic clock is located at the tower. Visitors looking to explore more of the city’s tower can book one of the many city tours, giving insight into the history of London’s monuments. After exploring all the city offers, head to one of the famous West End Bars and exchange information with some of the city’s locals. 

London Has 170 Museums

Visitors looking to get a deeper look into the history of London can head to one of the 170 museums in the city. Most of them are free to enter and open daily. Another place to glimpse London’s past is the famous Montcalm Brewery.

Home to the smallest statue in the world 

One thing about London is its ability to play centre stage in offering some of the world’s firsts. As you make your way through the streets of this capital, expect to come across several landmarks and monuments indicating London’s desire to pay homage to influential people and historical events. One of these is the statue of the two mice eating cheese. This is also known as the smallest statue in the world. Historically the statue was built to remember the two builders who died after a fight broke out over who ate their meal. It is believed that it is the two mice that ate their meal. 

More than 300 Languages spoken In London

London is globally renowned for its readiness to welcome people from different parts of the world. No wonder this capital is one of the most diverse places on earth. The ethos and flair of the city have a way of easily integrating traditions and multicultural backgrounds. It is no wonder there are more than 300 different languages spoken in the city. 

Home to the largest palace in the UK

While Buckingham Palace is undeniably the most famous palace in the world, another key player enters the scene for being the largest palace in the UK. Houses of Parliament, also often referred to as the Palace of Westminster, is an impressive piece of architecture in central London. 

The famous red London Bus

The famous red London Bus

The red buses seen across most parts of the city are an iconic part of London and offer tourists a unique and authentic experience in the city. However, these red buses were not initially made in that colour. Instead, London buses were all a different colour depending on their designated routes. It was only in 1907 that London General Omnibus Company decided to create a uniform colour for all London buses. 

Only a few make it to become a Black Cab Driver.

The London Black Cab is one of London’s most iconic transport systems, comparable to New York’s yellow taxi. However, a lot goes into driving a Black Cab in London. Aspiring drivers are required to undergo a 2 to 4 years training session that takes you through in-depth knowledge of the streets of London and all the alternate routes in the event of traffic. To avoid paying high taxi fares, your best bet would be to book a stay at a centrally located hotel like  The Marble Arch By Montcalm London and be within walking distance to all the city attractions and the tube station nearby.

Home to the highest building in Europe

One of the latest additions to London’s skyscrapers is The Shard. The impressive glass structure was built in 2012 and offered some of the city’s best views. The Shard is currently Europe’s tallest building and stands over 310 meters high, with 73 floors housing everything from restaurants to hotels. 

 Six Ravens In London Tower

Legend states that Charles II ordered his guards to bring six ravens to the Tower of London. It was believed that the birds were a way of protecting the fortress from falling. An extra raven was kept as insurance in case one of the ravens flew away. 

Apparently, six people died in the ‘Great Fire.’

One of the most devastating events to take place in London history is the ‘Great Fire’. Several properties were destroyed, with many Londoners displaced by the devastation of 1666. However, there were only six recorded deaths. While the number of casualties is still a topic of debate, there is a lack of evidence to support this statement. 

Most populated city in the United Kingdom

One would think the city is small, with an area covering 1,572 km². However, more than 8,7 million people, as recorded in 2019, call this incredible city home, making it the largest city in the United Kingdom by population.

Home to the world’s billionaire club

Real estate is a big thing in London, particularly in the affluent suburbs of Kensingsington and Chelsea. It is no wonder more than 80 million billionaires call this place home. That makes London attractive for the top 1% of the world’s wealthiest people and home to the most billionaires in the world. Visitors looking to experience how the other side lives can get a glimpse of opulence by booking a stay at one of these Luxury Hotels in London.