Top Shoreditch Shopping Hot Spots

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Shoreditch is a cultural hub, attracting various cultures from a wide variety of places. With London being such a diverse community, it’s no surprise that so many styles have merged into the metropolitan hubbub we see today. London has always had its quirks, and guests at hotels such as the Montcalm Shoreditch will find it difficult not to bear witness to the sheer beauty and innovation which clothes designers in the Shoreditch area use in their fashion. Whether you’re looking for high street fashion or something more tailored to your tastes, Shoreditch is the ultimate in sleek and affordable fashion. Below you can find a range of venues which truly make this history steeped East London area stand out.

Modern Society

Dating back to 2013, Modern Society stems from a series of Pop Up Stores offering creative innovation and an artistic blend of clothes and design. The flagship Shoreditch store opened in 2015 and also acts as a space for photography and art work making it both fashionable and artistically engaging.


Now a decade old, Goodhood is a multi-brand retailer who offer clothes from the likes of Norse Projects and Aries, spanning menswear, womenswear and cosmetic products. Their unique brand of effortless style is spurred on by cultural relevance rather than a relentless keeping up with the fashion industry.

Nike Lab 1948

The all-star athletics and urban wear brand Nike have a boutique designer store in the heart of Shoreditch where they sell their best new products, trying out new styles and ranges for those looking for a more tailored experience. Whether you’re in it for fashion or for high quality sporting equipment, Nike Lab will have everything you’ll need.


No one would blame guests at Hotels in Shoreditch for their shoes gaining a little wear and tear during their stay in London. After all, the tubes can get mucky and the walks can be long. With this in mind, Sneakersnstuff offer stylish trainers for great value prices right from the heart of Shoreditch.

Ally Capellino

Ally Capellino rucksacks and tote bags are well known as some of the most innovative and stylish in the world, especially since the controversy which the brand was steeped in during the Moscow Olympics in 1980. This has led to Ally Capellino becoming a cult brand and fashion icon among the old and the new, and their Shoreditch store brings their clothes and bags to the heart of London.


Boxpark is based just outside of Shoreditch High Street Station and is best known for its use of recycled shipping containers as the homes for designer brands and retailers. Here you can find a range of shops selling everything from designer clothing to vintage throwbacks.


With Britain having such an historic history of tailoring, it’s no wonder that shops such as Denham are still going strong. Based in a warehouse in the Shoreditch area, Denham offer clothes inspired by the fashion scenes of Amsterdam and Tokyo and have already taken London by storm.