The Best Burger in Every London Borough

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There are twelve boroughs within Inner London, which are all boroughs visitors to London making the most of The Montcalm Club Reward Program are likely to visit for one reason or another, whether it is the Science Museum in Kensington and Chelsea, or the Cinema Museum in Lambeth. Even if you are staying within The Montcalm At The Brewery London City, in Hackney borough, you may want to visit the borough of Greenwich – just because you are staying in one borough seldom means you stay within it. So, no matter where you are in the various boroughs, we have compiled a list of the best burgers in every one.


The Patty and Bun series is yet another string of burger restaurants that prove that London sure knows how to do a burger properly. On top of the traditional variety, the ‘Hot Chic’ Chicken Burger and the ‘Lambshank Redemption’ Burger are going to make choosing a meal a particularly tricky challenge. Thankfully, each and every option has its own reason to shout about it, so you can’t really go wrong. Though sides aren’t included in the price, the sheer range of them makes up for it – you wouldn’t want that decision made for you. We are talking Beef Brisket Nuggets and Cheese Balls, to name a few…

Hammersmith and Fulham

Joe & Co. Burgers in Hammersmith and Fulham Borough only is the absolute pride of burgers in the borough. You can’t go wrong with the Classic Joe, but if you want to spice things up, the Diablo comes with mild chipotle sauce and heaped with green jalapeño, or perhaps smoke things up with the Smokn’ Joe, which comes in pretzel buns heaped with creamy mushroom sauce and applewood cheese.


There are Byron Burger joints all around the city, serving up delicious, juicy burgers of all sorts – with a side included, which is always a defining feature of somewhere’s value for money. Whether you go for a classic American Cheese, or a Chilli Burger with a dreamy chipotle mayonnaise, you will find yourself determined to set on a Byron expedition around the city, visiting the lot from Bromley to Kingston on Thames. Despite the restaurant in Camden being surrounded by burger options, it is always the fullest of them – this speaks for itself.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen – another gem of a burger outlet. You will find that the 100% 6oz British prime beef patties make any option on the menu taste fantastic. Add on blue cheese and truffle mayo and you have got a burger which defines the word “gourmet”.

Kensington and Chelsea

Haché Burgers Chelsea is a prime example of taking what is usually quite a relaxed dining experience and really smartening it up – and there are branches all around London, from Balham to Holborn, with one of their loveliest in Chelsea, overlooking Fulham Road.


Dirty Burger in Vauxhall is the kind of hip place that anyone who fancies a burger or a craft beer b-lines. They keep it simple here, without frills or page-long lists of add-ons. First, you pick from three burger options, the Cheese Burger, the Dirty Bacon or the Dirty Cop-Out (vegetarian option). Then, you add a side of either onion rings or crinkle-cut fries. Don’t worry – it is all you could possibly need from a burger.


Big Fat Gourmet on Lewisham High Street is not messing about when it comes to rustling up a burger that you will crave every time you touch down in London. The menu is vast, so prepare yourself to make a difficult decision (but one that is always a good one, no matter what you order). Make sure you finish off your meal with a milkshake and you may roll home, but it will be with a big smile on your face.


While there are a few options for burger joints in Southwark borough, it is also home to an Honest Burgers outlet and quite frankly: it is the way to go. The destination in Southwark, around the corner from Borough Market, is a top-class, shining representation of the brand at large. The Southwark Honest Burger special is The Market Burger: Beef, Brindisa chorizo, Kappacasein London Raclette, garlic mayo, rocket and, naturally, their sensational rosemary salted chips.

Tower Hamlets

Band of Burgers has three outlets: one in Camden, one in Walthamstow, and the one in the Tower Hamlets borough near Brick Lane. The Brick Lane branch is grilling the finest burgers and mixing the tastiest cocktails in this neck of the woods. All burgers come in a soft brioche bun, and your options for patty range from lamb and fish to beef and chicken (and of course, excellent vegan  and vegetarian options too).


Five Guys burger restaurants are all over London and the one in Southside Shopping Centre is more of a fast-food outlet than a gourmet one, but this is not a negative reflection of the quality at all. The burgers are freshly made to order, and the chain offers the American-diner style approach to drinks: free refills for everyone!


Honest Burgers is another series of burger restaurants in London that defy the idea of chain restaurants not retaining individuality – on the contrary, each Honest Burgers branch in the city from Soho to Liverpool Street is well-worth a visit and serves a unique burger to their branch. The Greenwich branch serves all the delicious, old-faithful burgers that the restaurant is admired for, like the Honest Beef and Chicken Burger, as well as one only sold at the Greenwich branch: The Greenwich. It contains Honest beef, parma ham, taleggio cheese, crispy onions, chilli jam, rocket and pickles. Including the vegetarian and vegan options, all burgers come with their game-changing rosemary salted chips. Drooling yet?

City of Westminster

Just because you are in a particularly royal part of London, doesn’t mean you can’t kick back and relax with a burger for lunch. Luckily, given that Westminster is right in the center of London, there are a few options. There is an Honest Burgers on both Meard and Brewer Street in Soho, there are Byron’s Burgers on Beak Street and Haymarket in Soho, there is a Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Marleybone as well as a Five Guys on Soho’s Argyll Street. And that is just to name the one’s we’ve already mentioned.

So next time you fancy a burger after a relaxing pamper session in Montcalm Spa (life is, after all, all about the balance), don’t feel as if you have to stay within your borough – why not explore the various options throughout London, enjoying bits of the city you didn’t realise were so special until you arrived.