The Best Department Stores in London

The Best Department Stores in London

As everyone’s number one shopping destination London is home to some of the finest department stores in the world. Complete with restaurants, cafes and bars, London department stores really do provide the ultimate personal shopping experience. Some even come with spas and beauty salons to help you relax at the end of a long day of purchases. Whether you’re here for fun or for a business stay in London you’ll want to find time to go to one of our excellent department stores; it’s an experience you would regret missing out on.


It would be quite out of the question to have a list of London department stores without talking about Harrods. At the grand old age of 165 Harrods still has a global reputation for excellence and for stocking only the highest quality merchandise. More than just a store, Harrods has become a tourist destination; a London landmark that everyone wants to visit. More than 300 departments over seven floors means you’re not going to get through this place quickly. Take your time as you shop, indulge yourself, and stop at the incredible food stalls for a culinary delight on par with the textile artistry surrounding you.

Harvey Nichols

‘Harvey Niks’ is the funkier, younger alternative to Harrods. With eight whole floors of fashion, beauty, and home collections, Harvey Nichols flagship store is well equipped for anything and everything you could want. If you start feeling peckish remember to head to the fifth floor which is dedicated entirely to food and restaurants. As they both are both in Knightsbridge comparisons between Harvey Nichols and Harrods are common but it’s important to remember that their styles are quite distinct and frankly, why limit yourself to only one incredible department store? Both are essential stops in a complete guide to Kensington Gardens and both are well worth whiling away a day shopping; so why not do both?

John Lewis

Despite its start as purely a haberdashery, John Lewis is known today for everything from luggage to televisions; perfume to toys. The elegant old store in Oxford Street has recently been refurbished and frankly it’s just a delight to shop in.  With half a million products to choose from and a reputation for keen pricing, you’ll want to make this your first stop shop on any Oxford Street spree. Naturally there is also an exceptional food hall to keep your energy up.


Selfridges may be the youngest of the bunch by nearly fifty years but you’d be a fool to hold that against it. A stunning modern store (it went through some refurbishments so it has earned that title), Selfridges is a prime location for top end shoppers looking for designer goods. It’s been named Best Department Store in the World three times, the only store that can claim as much, so you know you’ll be in good hands when you’re shopping. The dioramas in the shop front are always worth checking out too.


Uniquely in this list of department stores, Hamley’s is focused on only one type of product:toys. As the oldest toy shop in the world, and in fact the oldest department store on this list, Hamleys is astore of great historical worth and, much more importantly, it has been a source of childlike joy for generations upon generations. Seven floors of toys for children and adults alike; featuring everything from lego to videogames to ‘build a bears’. Bring your children here and when you see the joy and wonder on their faces you will understand why this store has such an enduring legacy.