Exploring the busy nature of the capital of London


London’s is without a doubt one of the most bustling cities in Europe – filled with various shopping avenues, malls, restaurants, and exciting attractions. While this clearly demonstrates the passionate nature of the city, it also represents the truth that for some, travelling around London might not be to their taste all of the time. Some prefer more peaceful holidays, full of peace and relaxation, while others prefer the urban lifestyle and atmosphere that comes with visiting places such as New York, Tokyo, and Paris. On that account, is London able to match the needs of travellers looking for both the electrifying dazzle of the city and the bountiful relaxation that comes with visiting a smaller landscape?

How London compares to other cities

In our opinion, the city of London manages to combine these different aspects of a large city and smaller towns beautifully. For instance, for a town its size, it has the highest amount of natural landscapes, from gardens and parks to more intimate nature shrubs and wildlife spots. All of this serves to delightfully compliment the urban landscape that can be found in the city, which arguably on its own would be too much.

The busiest spot in the city is in actuality Piccadilly Circus, which is connected to Oxford Street and Regents Street. Some say its equivalent of New York’s Times Square, and its excellent projection on myriad postcards has served as a symbolic representation of London all across the world. Meaning, London isn’t only recognised to outsiders by images of Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus and London Eye also have beautifully served the same purpose of establishing London as a major tourist destination.

London’s attractions make us dream

Whether it’s the Empire state building in New York, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, each city has it’s few attractions that help set it apart, so that tourists from all over the world have an image to attach themselves to and romanticise. While this might not seem like something that’s significant in the grand scheme of things, it’s these images that make us dream. Book your stay at one of the Discount hotels London has to offer or enjoy one of the Montcalm club packages to embrace the best of the city.