Hot Stones Massages – The Bedrock of Massage World

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones massages have been used for thousands of years as one of the most effective means of massaging and muscle strain treatment. Its history knows no bounds and it’s soothing, ultra-natural technique attracts many to spa tables across the world. With so many spa deals in London, it is unsurprising that hot stone massages have become one of the most sought-after massage types in the city, leading to many training courses for professional masseuses. If you are interested to find out more about the hot stone massage or are looking to learn how to do them yourself, then you can find much of the key information you’ll need in detail below. Whether you’re an aspiring masseuse, historian or curious customer at 5 Star Hotels in London then we leave no stone unturned when it comes to hot stone massages.

The main way that the hot stone massages differs from other massages is in its use of external tools as well as the hands. Many massages use the masseuse’s hands to sooth the muscle tissue of customer’s body whilst this form of the massage uses an extra tool. Usually consisting of smooth stones, there is often an aesthetic quality which adds to the attraction of the treatment. The use of heat is common in massages, often used to sooth muscles, natural heat being utilised in body friction. The added benefit of stones is brilliant so as to bring an extra hardness and firmness to proceedings which hands simply can’t match.

How to Conduct a Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages commonly use Basalt river rocks due to their smooth texture. The reason they are so smooth is due to their being worn away at the bottom of rivers, where their smoothness and roundness are eventually formed. Found in both oceans and rivers, these stones have formed over years due to volcanic eruptions, the lava of which forms stones which is tumbled across the world through currents over hundreds of years. These stones have thus absorbed minerals like magnesium and iron which can be beneficial to the health of your skin and body.

These stones are then heated to around 110 and 130 degrees, a very precise temperature range with a very precise reasoning behind it. The professional stones are then placed at specific points on the customers back. These pressure points all have unique purposes a\s to the effect the heated stone has on the body, whether that is to stimulate a specific muscle or to relax the tendons. Generally speaking however, they are placed along both sides of the spine. The reason for this is that the spine takes much of the weight of the human body, affecting different areas of it to varying degrees and thus meaning that the hot stones placed upon it will undoubtedly ease any strain. The hot stone is also added to the palms of the hand, the legs or between the toes before it is used to massage the affected areas. It is not just biology which guides the placing of these stones; often massage therapists using hot stones will use the stones placing as a way of balancing the energy of the mind and body.

So, what are the benefits of hot stone therapy and how could it help you?

Hot Stone Message Benefits

Hot stone massages have been known in the past to relieve tension and pains. If your work requires you to build up a lot of tension or if you merely have over a longer period of time then perhaps hot stone massages would be a great way of alleviating some of those ailments. Hot stone therapy is often used by sports players due to its rejuvenating effects on muscle tissue, soothing it into better health. If you have also suffered an injury and are less sporty, hot stone massages can still help you to find a soothing solution to help in your healing process.

Healing processes are not only physical but mental too. Many times when people feel a physical ailment, such as stomach cramps, headaches or tooth aches, it is all created by mind. The mind is a powerful tool and can have a real effect on the way you go about your life. It is fortunate then, that hot stone therapy can help to reduce your stress and anxiety, making sure that you’re not only sound physically but of mind as well. The amount of benefits being relaxed can bring you is manifold, your mental state having a potent effect on your physical wellbeing.

This is why many busy people use massage therapy as a way to unwind as opposed to healing themselves physically. It has come to a point now where you can even download apps which will deliver a masseuse right to your door or even your office! This has led to a massive surge in those working 45 hour plus a week workers slotting in enough time for a quick massage, being just what the doctor ordered. Whether it’s a little escapism from your job or whether it’s a way of decompressing after a long week, the benefits of a hot stone massage know no bounds.

One of the benefits of hot stone massages is in the way that it targets specific areas. Whatever your ailment, the therapist can use the hot stone technique to find the aggravated muscle or pulled tendons and sooth it into a state of healing. This is why the stones are put at specific pressure points, so as to ensure your maximum muscle relaxation and promote a healing process. Muscle tissue may be dense but it is extremely sensitive, and willing it into a state of relaxation is easier said than done, making hot stone massages a physical therapy type which is both tailored and all encompassing.

Good hot stone massages are also known to improve blood circulation. In a process called vascular gymnastics, hot and cold stones are combined in the massage so as to improve circulation. This happens due to the different ways our body temperature and our blood flow are affected by extreme hot and cold temperatures, the blood slowing and quickening depending on which temperature. Encouraging the blood to flow at different temperatures and moving it to different parts of the bodies through applied heat or cold from the stones can help with circulation problems in your extremities. This is especially important during the cold seasons for those who may suffer from arthritis or joint problems. Swapping at a steady speed between blood vessel dilation and constriction will act like a exercising of that muscle.

In general, massages have been put to good use for those who have been in accidents or suffer from degenerative muscle diseases. Many soldiers wounded in battle will use hot stone therapy to bring movement back to certain body parts or to ease pain in designated parts of the body. This can be a painstaking and long process and is often done in stages. The great thing about hot stone massages is that as mentioned before they focus on specific parts of the body and therefore are perfect for those with injuries or problems with specific parts of the body. This makes an often difficult process more relaxing and most importantly, enjoyable for those who are in extreme suffering.

Although it can’t help to cure the terrible disease, hot stone massages have been researched as a great way to decrease symptoms of cancer and chemotherapy. At a time of great uncertainty in their lives, cancer patients may find solace in the anxiety relieving effects of hot stone massages. On top of this, depression, nausea, stress and fatigue have helped those suffering from the disease, according to a three year study of 1290 people. In the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, this large test group of people was taken and the effects of massage were explored in relation to the various types of cancer they were suffering from. Although these effects are mainly psychological, this can still have a potent effect on the way that the body combats the deadly disease.

In a 2010 study, Swedish massages were tested on to find if there was any positive effect on the human body’s immune system. It was found that there was a large and positive impact on the immune system due to a decrease of arginine vasopressin. This chemical is detrimental to the body due to the fact that it increases our susceptibility to high blood pressure and water retention. Of course, our immune systems work their best when we’re relaxed and have not been over worked, two mental states which having a good old massage is bound to promote.

In much the same way that it relieves symptoms of cancer, hot stone massages can help to alleviate conditions such fibromyalgia which can cause great pain throughout the body. In a study, people suffering from the condition who had a hot stone massage were found to have far better sleeping patterns as well as well as having less episodes of intense pain. The massage also helped to decrease the levels of substance P in their body. This is a chemical which is known to be responsible for pain and transmitting pain signals throughout a body’s nervous system. There is also evidence that rheumatoid arthritis can be lessened using hot stone therapy which targets the specific areas in the body which are affected. One month of the therapy was seen to increase those suffering’s movement and lessen their pain triggered by the joint condition.

Warnings and Risks

Despite its many benefits, like with any health promoting procedure and massage, there are times when it might be wise to check if it’s the right procedure for you. For starters, the hot stones in a hot stone massage are heated in boiling water, a roaster or a crock pot. The problem is that the masseuse must make sure they get the temperature exactly right in these receptacles as there is always a risk of burning the client with rocks which are way too hot. Clients come for a relaxing massage, not to walk on hot coals! The use of heat in this specific massage means that there are precautions those with more sensitive conditions should take. For instance, if you’re pregnant, you should make sure that you’re not using stones which are too hot. This is the same if you are suffering from severely bruised skin. The increased blood circulation due to the intense heat of hot stones can aggravate high blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions.

On top of this, it’s worth keeping in mind that there are many other precautions which come with not just hot stone massages but also with massages in general. If you are suffering from a contagious infection such as the flu then it might be a good idea to stay away from massages till your better. On top of this, if you an intravenous drug user then you should avoid massages due to the health and safety implications. If you have varicose veins, sunburn or a similar skin condition then your body could be damaged by a massage. Massages therefore, should be approached with caution regardless of the type of therapy you’re looking at.

Where to Find Hot Stone Massages Centre in London

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