Make the most of your trip with the London Pass at Marble Arch

Marble Arch monument in London, UK

You’ll want to pack in as much excitement as possible on your trip. That’s why we recommend the London Pass, which gives you automatic access to all of London’s premier attractions. You’ll pay a one off fee for the pass, and get access to attractions that include: the Kew Gardens, Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle and the London Zoo.

With the Marble arch by Montcalm London, also known as the hotel in Cumberland place, you can experience the finest delights the city has to offer, right from your door step. Whether it’s the restaurants, the park, or shopping avenues – everything is close by. You’ll find a range of ethnic cuisines that include Turkish, European, and Arab food.
With its interconnections, Paddington, not far from Marble Arch, gives you quick access to Heathrow Airport through the Express train – in just thirty minutes. And with the number of different services, you can also get to destinations such as Cardiff, Brighton, and Oxford. After a busy five days in London, you might the change in scenery in these different areas to compliment your trip well.

Marble Arch is a place that fascinates many. Famously etched over myriad postcards and movie scenes over the years, it charms visitors from all around the globe. Oxford Street, one of the most famous shopping streets is just around the corner. Covent Garden is just a short walk away. The best theatres in the city are here. In a nutshell, the West End has it all.

So, if you’re looking to spend a bit of time outside London during your trip, then Paddington is perhaps the most suitable location for you. Besides, it’s one of the most eloquent areas – considering it’s found close to places such as High Street Kensington, Hyde Park, and Buckingham Palace – all found close to many of the gardens and parks in the city. You can enjoy the famous changing of the guard’s ceremony from ease here.

So what are you waiting for? Book your stay in London this coming season, and experience one of the most memorable holidays of your lifetime.