Places To Go During the Week Around Notting Hill


The Notting Hill area is possibly one of the most popular and prominent areas in central London. While there is always special events going on during the weekends, there are also several great places to go if you are visiting during the week.

Kensington Palace State Apartments– The birthplace of Queen Victoria and home to Princess Diana between 1981 and 1997, the Kensington Palace State Apartments are now open to public visitors. Visitors can browse through and admire the family portraits and furnishing that adorn the Queen’s Apartments. The King’s Apartments are covered with art work from the Royal Collection and visitors can see where Princess Victoria was christened in the Cupola Room. The Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection is a permanent display in the palace. The collection contains outfits from the 18th century including the dress worn by HM Queen Elizabeth II. This collection also has unique evening gowns which were modelled by Diana, Princess of Wales.

Kensington Gardens– Originally used by the monks of Westminster Abbey, Kensington Gardens was once banned to the public during the 18 century. Today this park is open to everyone, from formally dressed horse-riders to partially naked sunbathers. Being centrally located in London, the gardens throw many free events, including concerts, workshops, and guided walks. In addition, there are several noteworthy monuments located in Kensington Gardens. The Albert Memorial, Queen Victoria Statue, King William III statue, and the Peter Pan statue, just to name a few. For leisure, Kensington Gardens is the best for sunbathing, horseback riding, and monuments.

Roof Gardens– Although the Kensington Roof Gardens is a restaurant, club, and event venue, it is still open to the public during the day. Hidden on top of the old Derry and Toms department store, 100 feet above Kensington High Street. The gardens are divided into three districts; traditional English, formal Spanish, and Tudor. The English garden district is filled with woodlands, and gives an English garden feel. The Spanish district comprises of flamingos, ducks, palm trees, vines all around a garden pond and stream. Roses, ivy, wisteria, and leafy arches back up the Tudor district of the garden. The Kensington Roof Top Garden is truly a London secret treasure and is well worth a visit.

Piano: Situated directly opposite High Street Kensington tube station, this bar has a discreet doorway. The bar is totally simple, with a long white room with bar and a piano at opposing ends, with tables in between. People come here for the atmosphere and music, not just the drinks. Owner Baz usually takes to the grand piano and guests are not only encouraged to sing along, but to also take their place on the stool and play the grand piano themselves. With intimate candlelight and live piano music, Piano is a great destination for a date.

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