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Taking place over six weeks of wicketing wonder, the Cricket World Cup is being hosted by the UK and so will attract hundreds of thousands of fans from all across the world to enjoy one of the most traditional of British games. The cricket world cup brings a wide range of cultures together, and so if you’re visiting one of the stadiums in Durham, Cardiff and Birmingham and have some time to kill between matches, you may very well want to give London a visit. On top of this, the two London stadiums, The Oval and Lords bring some of the best matches of this year’s Cricket World Cup, and ensure some of the best matches in the tournament. So if you’re a cricket nut visiting London and staying at the Montcalm Royal London House, here are a few of the best cricketing sites to visit in the city.

Marylebone Cricket Club Museum

The Cricket Museum in Lord’s cricket ground is dedicated to the Marylebone Cricket Club and is well known for being the resting place of the Ashes Urn. Here you can find a wide range of memorabilia and tales which date back to the founding of the museum collection in 1864. If you’re looking for a great historical memorabilia collection, alongside exclusive photography, film and art collections, all pertaining to cricket of course, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Shard

Based near London Bridge, the Shard is the perfect spot for lunch during a cricketing trip to London. If it’s great views and high class dining don’t do the trick, then the wide range of entertainment opportunities no doubt will, the wide range of DJ’s and special events will. The Shard is the perfect place to get your bearings over the city, it giving you a magnificent skyline and helping you see the city from an entirely new perspective.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Cricket is an incredibly historic sport, steeped in tradition and Britishness. What better counterpart to this traditionally sport than a trip to St Paul’s Cathedral. Here you will find a beautiful cathedral, perched right in the centre of the city. With over two millennia worth of history to it and a wide range of historic events having taken place there, such as the funeral of Winston Churchill and the Duke of Wellington, the amazing St Paul’s Cathedral is the perfect spot for a bit of city centre sightseeing between cricket matches.

Breakfast at the Montcalm

Whether you’re visiting ojr Plate Restaurant or Chiswell Dining Rooms, the Montcalm offers more than just great accommodation. With a wide range meals to choose from, the Montcalm Hotel offers up a platter of dining options to keep your energy up before marathon cricket matches. With our breakfast at the Montcalm included in the price of your room, you’ll no doubt find something to suit your tastes.

Paddington Station

With the West of England playing host to Bristol and Cardiff based matches, Paddington Station will be your gateway into the Atlantic facing side of the country. Whether you just have half an hour to kill before your train to a Bristol match or if you’re simply in the area, Paddington’s recently developed commercial hub makes for a great walk. On top of this, if you want some peace and quiet, the nearby Little Venice and Paddington Basin are perfect for a little respite.