The Amazing Fork To Fork Festival


Fork to Fork Festival is a unique charm that is a part of tours in London.

Come to London and enjoy the overall delights of being in a lovely city which has the best of festivals. The Fork to Fork festival is a special way of enjoying the pleasures of being in London and is famous across the world for all tourists who come here especially for this purpose.

The Fork to Fork Festival

Fork to Fork comes back to London every year and has more than 35 food stalls which give small plates as well as signature dishes which are the mainstay of food delights here. One loves Barrafina, Bone Daddies, Lyle’s More and Hoppers as well as River Café. There are family friendly charity events which are also an attraction here. The main reason why this festival is held is to enjoy the overall ambience and also make way for raising funds right here in the Open Air Classrooms. This is thus part of a charity project that enables one to enjoy the food delights and also be a part of the wonderful city of London.

What Is the Festival All About?

The Fork to Fork Food Festival brings together the best of talent and chef delights which make the restaurant experiences a special treat for all. It has some of the best stalls along with craft beer, talks and tastings along with spirits, and artisan wines. This is a world fete area and there is a picnic garden along with live music which makes the entire experience unique and special. Then of course there are activities for children which give one a complete relaxed and enchanting feel.

More about the Festival

The festival was initially set up in the year 2015 and was mainly held to raise money for a project of Open Air Classroom which is a project with the best kind of ambitions which enable a child to learn all about what life is all about. The children are also taught to cope up in the modern world and also are guided to succeed well in life and also at the workplace. Normally the Open Air Classroom is a place that has the best kind of curriculum along with creativity and enjoyment. One thus learns how to enjoy the overall feel and one also learns to be creative in a stimulating ambience.

The Open Air Classroom Delights

The classroom also enables raised herb beds and vegetables and is also a haven for garden and fruit havens along with a kitchen that helps with a usual solar poweroven thus enabling good nutrition, health as well as a scientific process. There is a pond that helps to each everyone about marine science and also has a conservation area along with wildflowers which attract the small beautiful insects like butterflies which help to create a beehive. There is also a wormery which helps to recycle the food waste straight from the kitchen. There is also a sensory area which is another attraction.

The Fork to Fork Gardening Club

The Fork to Fork Gardening Club helps one to enjoy the overall garden doors which are open to the community around and then encourage the proper used of space during holidays and weekends. In fact the Fork to Fork Festival is indeed a lovely blend of culture, charm and amazing beauty for the eye. Let us see the various bars and restaurants here.

The Bar

The Bar has the best kind of craft beers along with spirits, artisan wines and is certainly ideal for giving that festive feel.

Most of the producers who are here offer some of the best products which give one a reason to come back for more.

The Stages

This is a place which has a rotating program which is filled with live music on stage and has the best of live bands along with disco, and performances which keep one completely enthralled.

The Kids Zone

This is a place which is an ideal kid’s zone and has facilities of face painting and arts and crafts, storytelling and fun activities, and has the best kind of entertainers.

The World Fete

The Fork to Fork festival is a place that has the best of World Fete in the form of 37 nationalities which has food from all over the world and has been specially made for the kids. One really loves to enjoy these delights in Shoreditch hotel too.

The Austen’s Delight

This is an American style barbecue which has a lot of culinary delights which comes along with a special kind of m eat which is usually cooked on slow heat. One also loves to binge on the hickory wood chips along with making things work out to the benefit of all who come to this part of the world. The menu is really good on the classic flavors of Texan origin. Stay in places like Montcalm Hotel London is famous for and bring back a royal charm.

The Pleasures of Bluebird delights

Bluebird is another place to be in for those who love to be a part of London tours. This is an iconic restaurant on King’s Road. The place has an impressive ambience which is unique in the hospitality industry.


This is a restaurant which is different and has the best kind of food pleasures. The menus here are the best which have the best flavors along with the ideal taste of a global land. This is in fact full of bold and amazing taste which give one a reason to give back more when it comes to travel tales.

The Unique Delights of Caravan Coffee Roasters

Caravan Coffee Roasters is a coffee roasters which is famous in London and was founded in the year 2010. Normally one roasts small varieties of beans which are given on a daily basis. It comes from across the world. The coffee market is a place that focuses more on quality and gives to the customers a unique feel.