When you know you’re living in London


The city can move fast. The bright lights, moving pedestrians, and hurdles of cars can feel overwhelming. The public transport system works beautifully, most of the time. Those three sentences sum up London in a nutshell, and although visiting the city is one thing, living in it is entirely something else. Countless people make their away across to the capital, and take permanent refuge, because of the number of business and work opportunities. So not only is London being a great place to visit with family or friends, it’s also a potential moving spot for those looking to climb up the career ladder.

When you’re living in London, you need to be comfortable with the fact that accommodations and rent is expensive. We invite you to stay at The Marble Arch by Montcalm London and the London City Suites by Montcalm – two pioneering accommodations in the heart of London. Staying at either these accommodations will allow you to better understand how it would be like to live in London, and more importantly to discover the city for what it is.

regents park

Considering these accommodations are close to the major shopping district (Oxford Street) and the range of Royal parks the city has to offer (Hyde Park and Regents Park) as well as many of the fantastic restaurants in places like Edgware – not many accommodations will you give a comparable experience.

But you have to be someone that’s content with average weather, a lack of beaches, and a culture that’s fast paced. If you’re someone who’s after a more relaxed lifestyle, then London perhaps isn’t perhaps your ideal location – despite its wonderful advantages. Nonetheless, you can only make that kind of decision after you’ve visited the city for yourself. You never know… you might find something you like that you wouldn’t have otherwise foreseen.

Getting a car here is not something you need to do. After all, the public transport system – from the buses to the Underground and the South West Trains give you connections to London in itsentirety. Plus, numerous black cabs are scattered around the city should you want more of a private transportation method.

In conclusion, London isn’t a city that’s the most visited tourist destination for no reason. There’s plenty to see and do here, and more importantly – for those who are considering living here – there are plenty of business and work opportunities to keep them satisfied. Visit one of the aforementioned hotels, and experience what its like to be a citizen of the capital.