London is a city which is well known for being chaotic and often stressful. Even when on holiday, the get go lifestyle can have its toll on you. Just ask the locals and you’ll see just how difficult it is to maintain a balance in a city whose beauty is in its demand from you. Whether it’s energy, money, diet or mental health, there are plenty of top tips to keep safe and healthy on your trip to London. Whilst the Montcalm Club can provide some rest and respite from the hustle and bustle of the city, there are definitely some things which you must take into your own hands if you want to stay healthy in the city.


Spa at the Montcalm


Take some time out with a Montcalm spa


For those gorgeous spa breaks in London, you needn’t look any further than the Montcalm club. With its amazing range of cleansing products and massage methods, you’ll be feeling right as rain in no time. The great value spa packages will have you relaxed and detoxified in no time at all, making sure you’re feeling tip top for your London break.


Keep a tab on what you’re eating


London is full of temptations, especially when it comes to food. With the on the go lifestyle which comes alongside life in the city, bad eating habits can creep up on you. It could be the odd, but growing, trip to a fast food chain because your lunch break has been cut short, or it could be not spending your money wisely, but food should always come first when living in London. There’s plenty to keep you eating healthily and wholesome in the city, just look at the great value street food markets. On top of this, there is a whole foods in Piccadilly Circus, so even at rush hour you can make sure you’re picking up ethically sourced ingredients.


Watch your caffeine and go herbal


London as a city, has one of the largest intakes of caffeine in the world. With the UK as a whole drinking 95 million cups of coffee a day, the trend is rising. Many people drink caffeine because they’re tired in the morning and need that alert edge. The reason they may be tired, is because the caffeine they’ve been drinking, has been affecting their sleeping patterns. This vicious cycle is difficult to get out of, and one way to do so might be to turn to herbal teas and remedies that work at relaxing you rather than wiring you.


Get some fresh air


Whether you believe it or not, London is full of green spaces. Getting out of the smog can be difficult, especially at rush hour, but finding those open spaces and taking a moment can help you breathe, both mentally and physically. Why not take a trip to Epping Forest? Or find some time to stroll through Victoria Park. If you’re able to, walk through the green spaces of London and give yourself a lungful of the good stuff.