The Quirkiest Nights Out in London


One of the best things about London is that people are always trying to break the mould of common conventions and find ways to unite people who are similar shades of wonderfully-weird in new and creative ways. There really is no limit to the kinds of things that you can try for the first time when visiting this city but be careful what you Google, because there ARE ALL KINDS OF WEIRD OUT THERE. However, it is my humble opinion that – provided it does not impact any other person in a remotely negative way – that everyone should be able to embrace their own individual brand of weird and find kindred spirits.

As far as finding these things in the mainstream – the following suggestions are definitely more quirky than they are outrageously weird, so they could probably be described as just being unconventional? Either way, if you’re looking for a unique night out on the town that is nothing like you would have ever done before then here is a list of things of some of the things available to you this year. Whatever the reason for your night out – it’s bound to be one for the books.

London in the Sky

romantic dining

Tired of the same old boring meal deal? Wanting to get some fresh air while also getting the most of that gorgeous London view? Then get ready to take the floor off your feet by booking your spot at the Sky Table: the 22-seater suspended 100 ft in the air. It goes without saying that this is not for those with a fear of heights, so before you book make sure that your guests don’t suffer from that or vertigo! There really is no experience like it, and you can book your slot for a specific time, meal and occasion: whether you’re looking for a romantic anniversary dinner or a celebratory Prosecco & Cake session, you can find a way to celebrate it here. Naturally, the experience is better suited to the warmer months, but booking is already live for May, June & July.

Morning Gloryville


Okay, so this is not quite a “night out”, but rather a quirky alternative to a night out. Taking its own spin on the crazy dusk-till-dawn intoxicated raves that may have once characterised your youth, Morning Gloryville has taken it upon themselves to preserve the core element of being able to dance your heart out to loud & vibey club music, but based in a constructive and sober setting that you can fit into your busy work week. Crazy, I know – but it has garnered quite the following so it must be worth a try! The “Sober Morning Rave” is a great way to get your blood pumping before work in a way that is MUCH more fun than going to the gym. This message of “Conscious Clubbing” is enforced by the event being entirely substance-free and also by offering yoga classes, organic coffee and smoothie bars to set the right tone before you start your day. Definitely quirky and you’ll definitely enjoy all the benefits of clubbing without the curse of the dreaded hangover. They also offer weekend retreats if you enjoyed your morning enough to wish that it spanned a couple of days – so be sure to keep checking their website.

Alcotraz: Prison Cocktail Experience

cocktail party

If you’ve decided that you’d rather go the alcohol route, then you might as well commit to this one-of-a-kind cocktail masterclass that arms you with a good old orange jumpsuit and challenges you to find creative ways of smuggling your own hooch into the slammer. Once inside (and safe from the eyes of the Warden), the inmates will use their cunning and experience behind bars to turn what few resources they have at their disposal into intoxicating concoctions. What they make depends entirely on what you bring for them to work with, so if you’re wanting more than Toilet Wine then you had better think of some clever ways to sneak in the good stuff. Either way, these convicts are not accustomed to following the rules, so you know that you’re guaranteed to get something different with every visit. Whether you find yourself locked away in Shoreditch, Covent Garden or even Brighton – you can find a cell with your name on it where you are bound to make some unforgettable memories (depending on the strength of those cocktails and how many you consume that is…but that part really is up to you).

Adult Soft Play and Gaming

ice cream parlor 6

Awaken your inner child and then give it a cocktail: because you’re a bona fide grown up but that does not mean that you can’t let loose once in a while and run around with the reckless abandon of a little kid chasing an ice cream truck. Yes, this place combines the best elements of childhood and adulthood: playtime and drinking. Once a month, the KB02 Venue in Palmers Green opens the doors to its expansive soft playground in the evenings and exclusively for adults. Both the bar and the soundtrack are curated to this niche audience by playing the music you grew up with while sipping on the drinks you are now legally able to drink. You’ll find yourself getting lost in memories of your childhood (and maybe also in the Ball Pit) while you play with the giant Scalextric cars and Jenga set and are guaranteed to have an absolute blast.

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