Three Daytime Events in London 2020

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After a long week at work, we don’t all have the energy to be out all night. It is a delicate balance between the real need to make yourself commit to fun things in advance so that you a) have things to look forward to throughout the more soul-crushing work weeks and b) don’t let yourself wallow away at home when you’re tired instead of getting out and about once in a while. But at the same time, you also need to make sure that your weekend allows you to fully recover from the week that you just had so that you can burst into the office on Monday morning as the revitalised version of yourself; instead of the shell of who you once were who desperately needs a weekend to recuperate from an over-subscribed weekend.

For this reason, it is always a good idea to make plans for the daytime part of your weekends so that you can get as festive as you need and properly let your hair down: but still with more than enough time to get home and into bed at a semi-reasonable time rather than in the early hours of the morning. If you get yourself to a great brunch or midday event, then the world is your oyster. Day-drinking only is only a problem when it leads to night-drinking: so if you have the self-control (or a good friend/partner/bodyguard) to make sure that you head home as the sun starts to set, then there is no reason why you cannot have a good party over the weekend and still be pumped and daisy-fresh come Monday.

Mother’s Day at The Aviary

Speaking of a good occasion for brunch – not that any of us really need an excuse, but this is a particularly fitting and marvellous occasion – Mother’s Day is just around the corner on Sunday 22 March. Now, you may have found this suggestion an incongruous segway from the previous party-hard-themed paragraph: but if there was anyone who taught us the art of classy day-drinking – it was mum. And damn, for that – and a million other reasons – this woman deserves a few mimosas and a fabulous spread to celebrate just how exceptional she is.

For that, you should really only give her the 5 Star London Hotel treatment – and you know that the Montcalm Hotels are the perfect place to turn for such an occasion. Perched atop the Montcalm Royal London House is the esteemed Aviary Rooftop Restaurant & Terrace Bar. If you visited their Talisker Igloos over the winter, then you will know just how magical this spot is. And best believe that they have brought their top game for the most important women in your life. On both Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd March, the Aviary is hosting a Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea by Great British Bake Off’s Rav Bansal, who conjures up food for you that is every bit as luxurious and gourmet as you could possibly imagine. While you would never go wrong with a wonderful West End Restaurant, she’ll never forget eating the cuisine of one of her GBBO favourites!

The Big London Bake

Following this theme beyond Mother’s Day, The Big London Bake has heard your couch-side criticism of and suggestions to the Great British Bakers and now offers you the opportunity to try it out for yourself (just without the camera crew). If you head into Tooting, you’ll find the most wonderful kitchen-under-a-gazebo set-up where you can put your baking skills to the test and find out what you’re really made of. Each month has a different treat theme with March focusing on the Swedish Princess Cake, April being the Mille-Feuille, May somehow mysteriously missing from the website (which may or may not have something to do with the difficulty of making Mille-Feuille), June perfecting the French Meringue Stack, July teaching the art of the Marshmallow Cone and August crafting the Dome Cloud. This is an excellent day out for anyone who loves to bake (and especially anyone who loves some competition). Be your own reality star for the day and fight to be crowned The Big London Baker.

The Grid: Cocktail Infused Escape Room

Upon reading the name of this event, my thoughts went like this: “A Cocktail Infused Escape Room? If the room is infused with cocktails, then why would I want to escape? Who would voluntarily leave a cocktail-based room? Unless the catch is that you only get cocktails after you escape? That immediately sounds less fun… and yet also very incentivising. I would escape that room faster than Houdini if I knew that there were cocktails at the end”. And it was that train of thought that led me to read more and decide that this was definitely the kind of event that needs to be recommended for a way to spend your day (or night) in London.

This particular Escape Room sets you up as an operative of a secret and undercover operation where it is up to you to expertly navigate the tools of Artificial Intelligence at your disposal in order to ensure the preservation of humanity and the world as you know it. Along the way, you will be tasked with drinking specific scientific “potions” all while cracking puzzles set by the machines that threaten to take over the world and also keeping up your secret identity as an undercover operative in order to make sure that your mission is successful.

Now make sure to choose your teammates carefully: because we all have that one friend who would share classified secrets after two drinks and then cannot operate their phone to order an Uber. These would not be the people ideally suited to accompany you on your quest to save the world from the robot apocalypse. So, make sure that your comrades are logical, calm in the face of chaos and can hold their liquor when the fate of the world is on the line and it is up to you to save it.